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University Police

SUNY New Paltz Campus Safety App

Turn your phone into a personal safety device!

Download the FREE Rave Guardian safety app to check in with family, friends, University Police, or others you trust to help you stay safe both on and off campus.

Rave Guardian is available in the App Store for iPhone and the Google Play Store for Android devices. Simply search for "Rave Guardian" and click on "Rave Guardian/RaveMobileSafety" to download.

Please feel free to call University Police at 845-257-2222 with any questions.

With this app, you can:

  • Set a Safety Timer. Notify people you trust to check in on you if you are alone or in an unfamiliar place.
  • Manage & Message Your Guardians. Invite family, friends, or others to be your Guardian, and communicate with them within the app as needed.
  • Easily communicate in an emergency. Call safety officials directly for help if you are in trouble and send text tips – including photos – if you see something suspicious.

For detailed information on all these features of the Rave Guardian safety app, please view rave_powerpoint.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does my GPS locater have to be turned on in my smartphone for the app to work?
No, but you won’t receive the full benefits of the safety app and in an emergency, your map position will not be displayed.

Do I have to add in all the personal information the app is asking for? (i.e., home address, medications, vehicle info, etc.)
The app is most powerful with all your information, but the choice is yours! Name, email and cell number are musts, but other than that, it’s up to you. You can enter it directly through the app or by logging onto www.smart911.com and enter it through there. Remember, the more you put in, the more we can help!

As a parent, can I participate and use the RAVE app?
Yes. You can download the app and sign up as a participant not affiliated with the school. You won’t have full use of the app, but you can participate in the Safety Time/Guardian portion.

Can I receive NP Alert emergency text alerts from the college like my child does?
Yes. Simply tell your child to add your email address and/or cell phone number to their NP Alert account. This is a separate program from the Rave Guardian safety app.