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Points of Pride

Points of Pride
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  • Small course sizes enable students to work closely with faculty and receive personal attention. The mathematics department offers many undergraduate research opportunities with award-winning faculty, as well as strong faculty advising.
  • The mathematics department has a majority of female faculty.
  • New Paltz chapters of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, the Association for Women in Mathematics, and the American Mathematical Society enable students to explore different topics in mathematics outside the classroom. Every semester the chapters organize lectures, trips to undergraduate conferences, the Integration Bee (a calculus competition), Math and Cookies, the Algebra Bee, Case Closed, Trivia Night (a Jeopardy type competition), and more.
  • Mathematics majors are employed in a wide variety of internships, particularly over the summer, and also work as student assistants and tutors.
  • A mathematics degree from New Paltz encompasses both applied and theoretical interests, and provides exceptional preparation for future careers in different fields.
  • Mathematics graduates pursue doctoral programs, secure positions at high-level companies, and teach mathematics in public schools and the country‚Äôs most prestigious universities.