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December 2019 Newsletter

  WHAT’S NEW? SUNY New Paltz Parent Newsletter





On behalf of the Division of Student Affairs, we send you our best wishes for a happy and healthy new year!




  December 9

Last day of classes

  December 10 - December 11

Study Day/Make-up Class Day

  December 12

Common Exam Day

  December 13 - December 19

Final examinations

Final exam calendar

  December 19

End of Fall 2019 semester

  December 20

Residence Halls close 10 am

  December 23

Last day for faculty to submit final grades (due by 2pm) Information about grades


Click  Fall 2019 Final Exams Schedule: December 13-19  view your student’s final exam schedule.



Residence Halls
All residence halls on campus will re-open on Sunday, January 19, 2020, at 10:00 a.m. Students can move back into their room between 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. – 10:30 p.m. on Sunday.  Meal Plans will be activated and Peregine Dining Hall will be open for breakfast.

First Day of Classes
The official first day of spring semester classes is Tuesday, January 21, 2020.

Paying Your Bill
Bill payment arrangements can be done online at your student’s my.newpaltz.edu page. Your bill should be paid by the due date listed on your invoice in order to avoid late charges. If you have questions about your bill, the best way to contact the Office of Student Accounts is to e-mail them at stuacct@newpaltz.edu. Their phone number is (845) 257-3150.  www.newpaltz.edu/student_accounts



We Voted!: College receives Campus Democracy Challenge Gold award for high student participation rate

SUNY New Paltz had the highest student voter participation rate in the SUNY system in the 2018 midterm elections, and was the only SUNY institution to receive a Gold Seal award from the ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge at their award ceremony on Nov. 12 in Washington, D.C.

The ALL IN Gold Seal recognizes campuses that achieved a student voting rate between 40% and 49%. New Paltz student turnout was approximately 45% in 2018, according to a National Study of Learning, Voting, and Engagement (NSLVE) report produced by the Institute for Democracy & Higher Education at Tufts University.

That 45% figure is about six points higher than the national average for college students in 2018, and significantly higher than the 14% of New Paltz students who voted in the 2014 midterms.

The increase mirrored a nationwide jump in college student participation over the same period, as young people across the country turned out to midterm polls in record numbers.

“In 2018, we saw new energy and a greater sense of agency among students that transcends demographic and disciplinary subgroups,” said Nancy Thomas, director of the Institute for Democracy & Higher Education at Tufts University, in the NSLVE report “Democracy Counts 2018: Increased Student and Institutional Engagement.”

There is evidence that the upward trend on our campus is sustaining momentum; in 2019, with primarily local offices on the ballot, more than 270 students voted at campus polling places, up from 179 in 2017.

“We’re seeing more and more students actively volunteering, supporting the candidates of their choosing, and looking for other ways to engage with their country and their democracy,” said Jennifer Turner, chair of the College’s Student Voter and Civic Engagement Committee. “It’s great to see them recognize that even local elections can have a great impact on their lives, and their response is to make sure their voices are heard.”

The Student Voter and Civic Engagement Committee, which includes student, faculty and staff members from across campus, is working to build on this momentum, hosting special events on campus, coordinating information campaigns around voting and voter registration, collaborating with non-partisan, non-profit organizations to conduct voter registration efforts on campus, and supporting on-campus polling activities.

To read the entire article, please click here.

For weekly New Paltz news, please click on New Paltz News.



Home for Winter Break: A message from the Director of the Counseling Center

Congratulations! You have survived (along with your student) the first half of their first year in college. While for most of you it was relatively smooth sailing and for others a seemingly bumpy ride all the way to the end, in the final analysis with you in the background (and sometimes foreground) you made it through. They are returning home, totally exhausted (intellectually, psychologically and emotionally) from the inherent challenges and stress of the last 14 weeks all culminating in Final Exams. Therefore, at the point they arrive home, your primary task is to feed them their favorite home-cooked meal and Please! Please! allow them to fall into a deep slumber until they run out of dreams to have.  Their body is in desperate need of restorative sleep. To view the entire article click, Home for Winter Break:  

  • Did you ask “What are your grades?” Most likely one of your top priorities is to find out the academic outcome—namely their final grades. Hopefully, you curbed the urge to purge it out of them if they did not voluntarily share their final grades with you immediately. Give them some time and wait it out. After all, what are you going to do if the grades are not to your satisfaction? Why spoil the family climate as soon as they get home or in the car drive home from being picked up or holiday atmosphere? Those who did well—passed all their classes with C and above may be more inclined to disclose than those who were less successful.
  • Did say, “What do you mean I will do better next time?” It’s always good to minimize the opportunity of a big fight over grades. A long drawn out lecture about their performance is not going to accomplish anything after they seemingly just barely survived thirteen/fourteen weeks of four to five classes of lectures and sleepless night of completing or trying to catch up on assignments. Also, they are probably feeling both guilt and shame about their performance. They would simply respond either passively or angrily to you. Therefore, stating your concern and letting it go for the time being is amongst the best approach. Sometime toward the end of the break and just before they return to school for the second semester, revisit the performance issue with them by again acknowledging their apparent efforts and empathizing with their struggle.
  • What do you mean you are not sure you want to be back at New Paltz? Confusion and ambivalence about returning to school or being away from home. By mid-January, most students start feeling eager to return to campus. They miss being in the company of their roommates and other friends. Most of all, they miss the sense of autonomy and personal freedom. Parents, family, and friends, should try not to take this personally. It is not about you, it is about “Them.” Oftentimes, being home feels like compromising their newly found sense of self. College allows them to explore their horizons and express themselves in a validating way.

Enjoy your time with your now “Emerging Adult” Take pride and solace in their new and developing sense of personhood.  Be supportive. Your response to that change can either make them or break them.  Empower them to go forward and achieve their BEST SELVES.

Dr. Gweneth M. Lloyd, Director, Psychological Counseling Center


September Newsletter -Get involved


Our Annual Welcome Back Weekend will be held at the end of the first week of classes (Saturday, January 25 and Sunday, January 26). All first-year students will receive an e-mail in late January listing these upcoming social events.  The Student Development Instagram,@newpaltzstudev, will also highlight Welcome Back Weekend activities.

As described during Orientation, on an ongoing basis, there are a number of activities for your first-year student to do outside of the classroom.

The Center for Student Development host Saturday movie nights on campus once a month in the fall and spring semester. This is an opportunity to host movies before they’re released to the public on DVD, to you, for free. There’s free admission, free popcorn, and free giveaways too! These movie nights are open to all classes and this an opportunity for students to hang out with their OL’s. The “Saturday Movie Night Series” events for the semester can be viewed at http://www.newpaltz.edu/studentdevelopment/snl.html.

The Office of Student Activities and Union Services also sponsors large scale events promoted campus-wide every month. Students can find details about these events by logging into their my.newpaltz.edu selecting the "engage" tab. In addition to these events, Student Activities and Union Services hosts annual programs every year.  To view these programs, click on https://www.newpaltz.edu/saus/.

The Athletics and Wellness Center host daily free group exercise to all students throughout the academic year. For more information on the group exercises offered, please click on https://nphawks.com/sports/2011/6/6/WELL_0606110038.aspx. Additionally, for a schedule of games happening on campus please visit https://nphawks.com/index.aspx.