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Name: Joel Neuman
Title: Assoc Prof Management & Org Behavior
Academic Rank: Associate Professor
Department: School of Business

Expertise Keywords: Academic-Practitioner Collaboration, Action Research, Conflict Management, Organization Develop, Time Management, Workplace aggression, Workplace violence

Available For: interviews, essays, speaking

Expertise: My expertise is in the areas of workplace violence and aggression, Workplace Bullying, conflict management, time management and personal productivity, and organization development and change. I have frequently presented lectures, seminars and workshops on these topics to public- and private-sector organizations, academic institutions, professional organizations, and community groups. Recently this, this has included presentations to the Chamber of Commerce in Izmir, Turkey, the Healthcare Financial Management Association, Hudson Valley Health Access Management Association, Tashkent State Economic University, Frontier Insurance, Micros Systems, and Kingston Hospital s WORx Occupational Health and Wellness Program, and a five-year collaborative research and consulting project with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Washington, DC, related to my expertise in workplace violence and aggression and organization development and change. For the past seven years, I have consulted with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health and I continue to serve in that capacity.

Currrent Research: Workplace Aggression, Workplace Violence, Workplace Bullying, Psychological Contract, Organizational Justice, Organization Development and Change, Action Learning

Contact Information

Office Phone: 845-257-2928
E-mail Address: neumanj@newpaltz.edu
Personal Web Site: http://www.newpaltz.edu/~neumanj

Other Information

Positions held prior to joining SUNY New Paltz:
1)Manager, Research Facilities Center, SUNY Albany, Albany, NY

2)National Service Manager, United Audio Products, Inc., Mt. Vernon, NY


SUNY New Paltz 1/83-12/84 B.A. 1984 Psychology
SUNY New Paltz 1/85-8/86 M.A. 1986 Ind./Organizational Psychology
University at Albany 9/86-5/90 Ph.D. 1990 Applied Psychology


12/84: Graduated summa cum laude from the State University of New York at New Paltz.

1/26/86 - 8/31/86: Grant Nr. KGNU006 SUNY RF426?6023?A Funding source: I.B.M. Corporation, Kingston, NY 12401

10/93: Dr. Nuala McGann Drescher Affirmative Action Leave Program Award for Spring 1994 semester.

3/99: Citation of Excellence from Anbar Electronic Intelligence citation service for my article appearing in the Journal of Management, Vol. 24(3).

2/00: Selected as Faculty Expert of the month by Prentice-Hall Learning on the Internet Partnership for my article Their specialty: Teamwork.

10/1/00 - 9/30/03: Grant Nr. SES- 0080676 Funding source: The National Science Foundation.

3/01: Recipient of the 2001 SUNY Chancellor s Recognition Award for Scholarship and Research.

1/05: VA Research Project (VISN 11), Project nr: 1046153, Award nr: 35629, Research Foundation, State University of New York and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

4/05: VA Development and Training Project (VISN 23), Project nr: 1046619, Award nr; 35837, Research Foundation, State University of New York and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

3/07: Appointed to the Advisory Board of the New Workplace Institute a not-for-profit research and education center at Suffolk University Law School promoting healthy, productive, and socially responsible workplaces.

5/12: Distinguished Teaching Award, School of Business, SUNY New Paltz

Other professional activities

Member, Board of Advisers, New Workplace Institute, Suffolk University Law School.

Serving as a consultant for the Department of Veterans Affairs in the areas of workplace aggression and violence and organization development and change.

Providing research and consulting services to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

Organizational Memberships

Academy of Management (1990-present)

American Psychological Association (1989-present)

Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (1990-present)


The following are academic journal articles:

Keashly, L., Neuman, J. H. (2010). Faculty experiences with bullying in higher education: Causes, consequences, and management. Administrative Theory & Praxis, 32(1), 48-70.

Keashly, L., Neuman, J. H. (2008). Aggression at the service delivery interface: Do you see what I see? Journal of Management and Organization, 14(2), 180-192.

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Book Chapters:

Neuman, J. H. (2012). Workplace violence and aggression: When you do not want your company on the news. In M. J. Sirgy & N. P. Reilly (Eds.), Work and quality of life: Ethical practices in organizations..

Neuman, J. H. (in press). Aggression, unethical behavior, and employee well-being: An "aggressive" examination of the issues. In R. A. Giacalone & M. D. Promislo (Eds.), The handbook of unethical work behavior: Implications for well-being.. Armonk, NY: M. E. Sharpe.

Neuman, J. H., Keashly, L. (in press). Bullies coming out of the schoolyard and into the boardroom: Combating abusive workplace communication. In J. S. Wrench (Ed.), Workplace communication for the 21st century: Tools and strategies that impact the bottom line.. New York: Praeger.

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