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Name: Lewis Brownstein
Title: Chairperson
Academic Rank: Professor
Department: Political Science

Expertise Keywords: American foreign policy, International relations, Islamic world, Israel, Palestinians, Politics of the developing world, Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction

Available For: interviews, essays, speaking

Expertise: I have been studying the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for the past 25 years. In that time I have taught at Hebrew University in Jerusalem and completed six research trips to Israel and the territories. I have written on Israeli foreign policy making and on the peace process and lectured widely in the Mid-Hudson region over the years. I also teach on issues in American foreign policy. I created a course on terrorism for the Spring 2002 semester and have taught on weapons of mass destruction in the past.

Currrent Research: Israel-Palestinian conflict, terrorism and U.S. foreign policy

Contact Information

Office Phone: 845-257-3549
E-mail Address: brownstl@lan.newpaltz.edu
Home Phone: 845-255-1557


CCNY 1956-1960 B.A. 1960 History
Johns Hopkins 1964-68 Ph.D. 1969 International Relations
CUNY 1961-64 M.A. 1964 Political Science


MEKAREV ZION AWARD: Presented by Jewish Reconstructionist Federation to those "who have brought us closer to Israel and made an outstanding contribution to the state of Israel." New York, NY, April 24, 1996

RESEARCH AWARD 1989 United States Institute of Peace, Washington DC to support research in Israel & occupied territories

TRAVEL GRANT: SUNY New Paltz Research Travel Awards, November 1988, January 1992

RESEARCH GRANTS: Experienced Faculty Travel Grant, UUP/NYS, April, 1990, 1995 Research & Creative Projects Grant, College at New Paltz, Dec., l989, l995 Experienced Faculty Travel Grant, SUNY PDQWL 1988; Leonard J. Davis Institute for International Relations, Hebrew U., 1975; Reading Grant, SUNY Joint Awards Council, 1969

Other professional activities

1. Participant, Roundtable: Middle East Dynamics Today The Politics of Violence or the Violence of Politics New York State Political Science Association Conference, Sage Graduate School, May 8, 1998

2. Chair & Discussant, Panel: Political Culture and Political Parties in Western Europe, New York State Political Science Association Conference, Sage Graduate School, May 8, 1998

3. Chair & Discussant, Panel: "Immigration Politics and Immigration Policies," New York State Political Science Association Conference, Ithaca College, Ithaca, N.Y., March 30, l996.

4. Presenter, two workshops, Council of Arts and Sciences Department Chairs' Seminar, April l995, Washington D.C.

5. Chair & Discussant, Panel: "Theory and Practice of Party Politics," New York State Political Science Association Conference, New York, N.Y., April l995.

6. "Land as an Issue in Ethnic/National Conflict: Developing a Theoretical Framework," New York State Political Science Association Conference, Providence, R.I., November ll, l994.

7. "Land and Nationalism: The Israeli-Palestinian Example," New York Political Science Convention, Albany, N.Y., April 23, l994.

8. Participant, CCAS Seminar for Department Chairs, April l994, Washington, D.C.

9. Chair, Panel: "International Relations and Third World Politics," New York State Political Science Association, New York, N.Y., April 12, 1991.

10. "Back from the Brink: De- esclating the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict," Conference on Disarmament, Economic Conversion & Management of Peace, SUNY Binghamton, Binghamton, N.Y., May 5, l989.

11. "Soviet Intervention in the Horn of Africa: A Retrospective," New England Slavic Association Annual Conference, Portland, Maine, April 24, 1981; also delivered at Southern Conference on Slavic Studies, Lexington, Kentucky, October 23, 1981.

12. "Ideology of the Parti Communiste Francais: A Study in Confusion," Northeastern Political Science Association Conference, New Haven, CT., November 1980.

13. "Counterrevolution in Marxian Theory," Conference on Contemporary Marxism, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, November 1977.

14. "African Attitudes toward the United States," New York State Political Science Association Conference, Albany, N. Y., March 1973.

15. "Preliminary Results of a Survey of 1964 K.P.E. Candidates in Embu, Kitui, Kericho, and Nyanza," Discussions Paper No. 58, Institute for Development Studies, University College, Nairobi, Kenya, 1967.

Organizational Memberships

American Political Science Association New York State Political Science Association


1. Middle East at the Crossroads and Peace Process Derailed, Global Issues 3: Great Decisions Today The Middle East Copublished by the Foreign Policy Association and the State University of New York (August 2001)

2. Second Year Curriculum for Joint Apprenticeship Program of the Elevator Industry (72 lesson plans, homework assignments, collected readings, unit tests and final exam) 1985

3. "The Concept of Counterrevolution in Marxian Theory," Studies in Soviet Thought 22 (1981) pp. 175- 92

4. "The Geneva Conference on the Middle East," Simple Simulations 2: A Collection of Simulation Games for Political Scientists?, edited by Charles Walcott (Washington D.C.: American Political Science Association, 1980)

5. "Israeli Foreign Policy Making: An Unplanned Process," ?Political Science Quarterly (Summer 1977) pp. 259-79

6. Education and Development in Rural Kenya: A Study of Primary School School Graduates (New York: Praeger Publishers, 1972)