In 1985 an anonymous bequest of a collection of historical and modern silver helped to establish a new area of focus for the permanent collection at the museum. From the outset, collecting "metals" was seen as a way to both complement and augment the University's internationally renowned studio program in metalsmithing. Through the collaborative efforts and generosity of former and current faculty members, alumni, and friends of the museum, the collection is being aggressively developed. Over the past two years the collection has undergone a period of unprecedented growth and now includes fine examples of 18th and19th century silver, as well as outstanding examples of modern and contemporary jewelry, vessels, and small sculpture.

Sergey Jivetin, Cupola #4, 2005, stainless steel, 2005.002

Unknown Norwegian artisan, pin, c. 1955-1960 sterling silver, enamel, 2000.008.004

Mary Preston, Chromosome (brooch), 2002, silver, gold, pearl, 2005.019

Eric Martin, Two Goblets, 1973, silver, horn, bone, pearl, bronze, 1996.013.009a-b