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Middle States Accreditation

Middle States Accreditation

The Middle States Commission on Higher Education has formally reaccredited State University of New York at New Paltz at its meeting on June 23, 2011. This achievement acknowledges the dedication and commitment to excellence on behalf of all staff and faculty who worked on the self-study and site-visit procedures. Foremost, Middle States accreditation reflects the collective ethos and outstanding work and achievements of the New Paltz community as a whole.

Not only did New Paltz meet all 14 standard for accreditation, but also the College was noted as distinctive among the several other institutions reviewed at the committee meeting, according to Shippensburg University President William Ruud, chair of the team who conducted the site-visit that occurred April 10-13, 2011.

The Middle States Commission is a voluntary, membership organization committed to the promotion and assurance of excellence in higher education and student-centered learning. They provide an intricate system of measurement, quality control and improvement through a rigorous accreditation process by means of peer evaluation. Accreditation gives confidence to the public that colleges and universities are upholding their individual missions and adhering to standards of excellence in teaching and operation.

The final reports for the Commission and evaluation team provide lucid insight into New Paltz’s qualities of extreme merit as well as areas where New Paltz can grow and improve over the coming years.

The evaluation team included in their report an exceptional five “commendations,” or characteristics of distinction, which deserve special consideration:

The Commission made one recommendation for New Paltz based on the evaluation team’s report. A recommendation is a directive for the institution to take progressive action towards continued standards of excellence. New Paltz is required to provide a progress report by April 1, 2013 that documents

  • “further implementation of a comprehensive, organized and sustained process for the assessment of institutional effectiveness, including evidence that assessment has been implemented in all administrative units” and
  • “Further implementation of a comprehensive, organized and sustained process for the assessment of student learning outcomes, including evidence that all course syllabi included identified student learning outcomes, that assessment has been implemented in all academic units, and that assessment results are used to improve teaching and learning.”

New Paltz will work diligently to implement the changes and suggestions outlined in the evaluation team report and its own self-study. The college will build upon our reaccreditation and unprecedented positive assessment.