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Reimagine Renew Rebuild

A Mini-Conference September 22nd, 24th and 27th from 4:30 - 6:30pm
Reimagine, Rebuild, Renew
was launched in the spring of 2021 as New York’s campaign to support the state’s recovery efforts from the COVID-19 pandemic. The campaign sought to reimagine a state that was stronger, fairer, greener, and more resilient than ever before. This campaign can translate into the work the educational community does as we, too, move towards our own recovery efforts to make our educational system stronger, fairer, greener, and more resilient. This three-part mini conference series looks at how educators can REIMAGINE their classrooms, looking at how we address student learning needs and create a greener environment using new technology skills; how we REBUILD relationships to create a stronger and more resilient student as most of them integrate back into a school setting; and RENEW our own relationship with teaching so we can continue to instill the love of learning within our students for years to come. 

Each afternoon session will feature one of the themes. Join us virtually for one, two or even all three afternoons for participant-driven conversations featuring a facilitator who will guide the conversation by posing questions to be addressed by the group, while sharing unique perspectives from their own experiences. Note: Each afternoon is a separate mini-conference and requires a separate registration.  Register on the MHTC Professional Learning Catalog at Frontline Education (MLP).    


Wednesday, Sept 22 4:30-6:30 

  • Reimagine Lesson Design to Include a Balance Between High Tech and Low Tech 
  • Reimagine Assessment using Technology 
  • Reimagine Communication, Collaboration, and Discussion using Technology 
  • Reimagine Student Engagement with Technology 


Friday, Sept 24 4:30-6:30 

  • Rebuild the SEL Needs of ENL Students 
  • Rebuild the Competence/ Confidence/ Growth Mindset of Sp Ed Students 
  • Rebuild Classroom Connections 
  • Rebuild the Classroom Environment with Art and Design Activities for SEL Learning


Monday,Sept 27 4:30-6:30 

  • Renew Yourself through the Yoga and Meditation
  • Renew Yourself through Journaling 
  • Renew Your Classroom by Incorporating More Fun and Play 
  • Renew Yourself through Restorative Movement