Economic Impact Statement 2017

Science Hall Classroom

Modern spaces, caring faculty and small class sizes help students excel.

71 percent of New Paltz graduates stay and work in New York State.

Science Hall Outside

Major construction projects support students, faculty, and the local economy.

College expenditures generated 341 jobs for NYS in 2014-15.

Solar Eclipse on campus

A location for learning and life, for all members of the community.

Visitors to campus brought an additional $4.3 million to the local economy.

Solar Panels on Campus

Giving back to the community and to the planet.

New Paltz employees volunteered about 158,000 hours throughout the region.

Gallery Viewing

A cultural hub in your backyard.

SUNY New Paltz welcomed nearly 26,000 visitors to campus in 2014-15.

Students in town

Supporting small businesses and local favorites.

Student spending totaled $115.4 million, mostly right here in the Hudson Valley.

Men's Volleyball Team

Men’s Volleyball 2016 Division III National Champions.

7,692 highly qualified students enrolled in 2014-15, excelling in and out of the classroom.

Kayla Marchant

Learning in and out of the classroom leads to rewarding careers.

572 New Paltz students enrolled in for-credit internships, and many more had paid opportunities in their chosen fields.

The Atrium

The largest employer in Ulster County.

1,707 full- and part-time employees; 91% of salary expenditures return to the Hudson Valley.


As the largest four-year institution of higher education in the region, the College plays a valuable role in creating jobs today, while educating students for careers and citizenship tomorrow.


$359.2 Million

 Overall economic activity contributed to the
Hudson Valley  

3,439 Jobs

Generated annually for the Hudson
Valley economy

$415.9 Million

Contributed to the New York
State economy  

4,100 Jobs

Generated annually for the New York
State economy


Note on methodology: New Paltz conducts studies of its economic impact every three years. The 2017 report, which uses data from the 2014-2015 fiscal year, shows increases across the board. The Economic Impact Statement uses RIMS II, a system of methods, measures and forumale developed and approved by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, a division of the U.S. Department of Commerce. Read more about RIMS II on the BEA's website.

For this study, "the Hudson Valley" includes Ulster, Dutchess, Orange, Sullivan, Rockland, Putnam and Westchester counties. All figures are from the 2014-2015 fiscal year. 


SUNY New Paltz is the largest employer in Ulster County, with a workforce of 1,707 full- and part-time employees (excluding student workers).



1,707 Employees

SUNY New Paltz is the largest direct employer in Ulster County, with a workforce of 1,707 full- and part-time employees.


$75.9 Million

Salary expenditure for SUNY New Paltz was $75.9 million in the 2014-2015 fiscal year. Of that, 91% was paid in the Hudson Valley, and 99% was paid in New York State.


Bottom Line: When the College invests in hiring the best and brightest employees to work with students, the vast majority of that investment returns directly to fuel the local economy.



Spending and Indirect Job Creation


SUNY New Paltz stimulates the New York State economy through non-employee spending — the money paid to vendors and contractors to support campus construction, maintain modern campus facilities and purchase new technologies to provide the best possible learning environment to students.


$56.1 Million

In 2014-2015, the College's non-salary expenditures totaled $56.1 million

341 Jobs

This spending generated 135 jobs in the Hudson Valley and 341 jobs in New York State. 

7,692 Students

The fall 2014 enrollment at New Paltz was 7,692 students — each of whom helps power the local economy with spending at stores, restaurants and other businesses in the region. 

$115.4 Million

New Paltz students accounted for $115.4 million in spending in the 2014-2015 fiscal year, generating 1,399 jobs in the Hudson Valley and 1,619 jobs throughout New York State.

25,956 Visitors

The College welcomed an estimated 25,956 visitors to campus during the 2014-2015 academic year, for public lectures, visits to the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, Alumni Weekend, and numerous other cultural events.

$4.3 Million

Visitors to campus played their part, too, spending an estimated $4.3 million on lodging, meals, recreation, transportation and shopping in New Paltz and the surrounding area, and generating an additional 68 jobs in the Hudson Valley


Bottom Line: SUNY New Paltz serves as an engine that keeps the Ulster County economy moving forward, through its own expenditures and those of the thousands of students, families and visitors it attracts each year.



Educating Tomorrow’s Workforce


The College remains dedicated to its mission of preparing a diverse collective of scholars, scientists, artists, engineers, educators and professionals who will help define the Hudson Valley economy in the future.


52,000 Alumni

There are about 52,000 SUNY New Paltz alumni of working age (defined as 65 and younger). Forty-two percent reside in the Hudson Valley, and 71 percent reside in New York State. 

$1.1 Billion

New Paltz alumni generated nearly $1.1 billion in value-added earnings, above and beyond what they would earn with a high school degree, in 2014-15. 

$450 Million

Approximately $450 million of these value-added earnings were earned in the Hudson Valley, and about $765 million were earned in New York State.  


Bottom Line: Every day, the ever-growing society of SUNY New Paltz alumni are starting businesses, creating jobs, solving problems and serving their communities, often right here in the Hudson Valley and New York State.



Community Partnerships, Community Service


SUNY New Paltz is proud of the many mutually-beneficial relationships forged over the years with individual community members, governments, schools, non-profit organizations and businesses. These partnerships create internship opportunities for New Paltz students, while also connecting local organizations with the College’s creative and knowledgeable faculty and staff.


158,000 Hours

All told, SUNY New Paltz employees volunteered about 158,000 hours in the region, at social welfare organizations, arts collectives, civic and advocacy groups, professional associations and sports leagues.

$4.3 Million

This volunteer activity is estimated to have generated more than $4.3 million in economic impact.

89 Percent

Benjamin Center survey of New Paltz employees (conducted in 2017) found that 89 percent of respondents had volunteered their time during the previous 12 months – significantly higher than the national average of 25 percent.

572 Students

An additional 572 students enrolled in internship fieldwork experiences for college credit in 2014-15, with many more taking part in no-credit internships.


8,700+ Gallons 

The College also enjoys strong relationships with local emergency services and transportation providers. In 2014-15, these partnerships included more than 8,700 gallons of in-kind fuel donations to the New Paltz Fire Department, the New Paltz Rescue Squad and the Town of New Paltz/Ulster County Area Transit LOOP Bus.


Regional Economic Development

SUNY New Paltz President Donald P. Christian supports regional economic development, as a member of the Governor’s Mid-Hudson Regional Economic Development Council and other local organizations and boards.


Bottom Line: The College has developed strong bonds within the regional community, and it all starts with the students, faculty and staff who get involved and make a difference.