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The mission of The Literacy Center at SUNY New Paltz is two-fold: to provide our teacher candidates clinical opportunities in the diagnosis and remediation of reading and writing difficulties and to provide literacy instruction to children in our local mid-Hudson Valley communities. Literacy instruction includes the direct tutoring of children and adolescents, as well as consultation with teachers on literacy issues across the curriculum. In addition to our basic mission, we act as a link between school districts and community organizations interested in reading and writing excellence and we promote "best practices," based on current research, in literacy education.

The Literacy Center currently provides literacy services for local children and adolescents during the spring and summer semesters. The facilitation of our programs require the support of our university faculty and staff, community members, local school districts, graduate assistants, work-study students, and volunteers.

Our programs meet the rigorous standards of National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).



Summer 2020 Literacy Tutoring Program


Thank you to all who have inquired about whether or not there will be a summer Literacy Tutoring Program this year -- I am very pleased to answer, "YES!"  

The program will begin on Wednesday, July 8, and will end on Thursday, July 30. Instruction will be provided online, and children entering grades 2 through 12 in September 2020 in need of additional literacy support are eligible to be considered for participation. Parents will schedule set tutoring times with graduate candidate tutors paired with their children.

Each child chosen to participate will be administered an individual literacy assessment. The assessment evaluation results will determine the personal instructional program. Upon completion of the twenty-eight hours of one-on-one instruction, a post-assessment is administered. The results of the assessments and instructional activities are included in the case study presented to the parent at the culmination of the program.

Tuition for The Summer 2020 Literacy Tutoring Program is $75.


Please address your questions and concerns to: 

Prof. Sam Slotnick, Literacy Center Coordinator, slotnics@newpaltz.edu, 845.2572809


If would like your child be considered for participation in The Summer 2020 Literacy Tutoring Program, please click on the link at The Literacy Center website to the complete the on-line application.


Professor Sam Slotnick

Literacy Center Coordinator






The next Literacy Tutoring Program will be Spring 2020.


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Prof. Sam Slotnick
Literacy Center Coordinator
Office: Old Main Bldg. B101
Phone: 845-257-2809
E-mail: slotnics@zmail.newpaltz.edu