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International Student Services

Psychological Counseling Center
International Student Services: Current Students

Psychological Counseling Center

Located on campus in the van den Berg Learning Center, the Psychological Counseling Center offers many services to international students. You may ask to speak with a counselor any time about any issue that concerns you, large or small. You may also speak to a counselor if you have concerns about a friend or roommate whom you would like to help. The services of the Psychological Counseling Center are confidential so you can be confident that your privacy will be preserved.

There are workshops planned throughout the academic year covering many issues of concern to international students. They are free to any New Paltz student. A few of them are listed below:

"Procrastination: The Last Thing On My Mind"

Addresses the complex issues which contribute to procrastination, and helps students develop coping styles that may increase effective time management.

"Test-Taking And Test Anxiety"

Highlights strategies to reduce the panic and anxiety some students feel during a test, and covers test-taking strategies.

"The Juggling Act: Managing Your Stress"

Covers sources and types of stress and how to better manage it. Experiential exercises will teach new stress management skills.

"Seize The Day: Managing Your Time"

Discusses the many ways in which we mismanage time and set ourselves up for increased stress and decreased productivity. Identifies strategies to manage time more efficiently.

"How To Really Listen And Be Heard"

Teaches effective listening and communication skills. These skills are important tools not only for students entering human service fields, but for everyone engaged in interpersonal relationships.