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Haggerty English Language Program

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Haggerty English Language Program

English as a Second Language

The Haggerty Program provides instruction for nonnative speakers of English who wish to improve their language skills for academic, personal or professional reasons. Courses are offered at four levels (elementary, intermediate, advanced, and English for Academic Purposes) and in several skill areas (listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar). Classroom instruction is supplemented by cultural orientation and activities, language laboratory, computer assisted language learning, TOEFL preparation and tutoring. Once students have achieved Advance level placement, they may be eligible to take one or two academic classes.

It is important to note that admission to the Haggerty Program does not constitute admission to the college.

For more information you can call (845) 257-3595 or go in person to Van den Berg Hall room 201. Click here to go to the English as a Second Language Program page.