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Employment for Current F-1 Students

Oncampus employment

All F‐1 students who are maintaining their F‐1 status are allowed to work on campus without special permission from United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.  F‐1 students may work no more than 20 hours per week during the academic semesters and no more than 29 hours per week during the longer vacations.  Longer vacations are considered winter and summer vacations only.  Spring/fall break are not considered longer vacations.

Where can I find an oncampus job?

F‐1 students who are looking for on‐campus employment can check the payroll website regarding student temporary service jobs:

Off campus employment

F‐1 undergraduate and graduate students who have been in valid F‐1 status for at least one year, might be eligible to apply for off‐campus employment authorization, for example, Curricular Practical Training or Optional Practical Training:

Please contact International Student Programs if you have an opportunity to work off campus.  

F‐1 ESL students are not allowed to work off campus. 

Important Points

Working off campus without permission from United States Citizenship and Immigration Services or working more than a total of 20 hours during the academic semesters are considered very serious violations of F‐1 status.

If a student is out of status, he or she is not eligible to work on or off campus.


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