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METU & SUNY New Paltz Liberal Studies/TEFL Program

METU TEFL/Liberal Studies (96 Credits)

SUNY New Paltz TEFL/Liberal Studies (49 Credits)


  • Students earn a total of 145 credits (96 from METU and 49 from New Paltz). 
  • Students must meet the following GE4 requirements: Math, ART, NSCI, WEST as well as the university-wide diversity and writing intensive (WI) requirements.
  • Grades less than C- are not accepted in major courses. 
  • An overall 2.0 average in courses is required for degree application. 


To fulfill the requirements of the Liberal Studies major at New Paltz, students will choose courses from the two categories (Language and Literature, U.S. Society and Culture) below. These six courses have been indicated by 'major' in the published curriculum. They must pick at least two courses from each category. One of these classes must fulfill the Western Civilizations (WEST) requirement. Students also need to take a writing intensive course (WI); these courses are indicated with an asterisk (*) in the list below. Finally, one major class must also meet the university-wide  diversity requirement; these course are indicated with two asterisks (**) in the list below. Two semesters of a foreign language can count toward the language category. Other courses may be counted toward the major but they require the approval of an advisor. Students are following the GE4 curriculum effective Fall 2018.

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