Sofia Norberg, Spring '11

Home Country: Sweden

Internship: Tommy Hilfiger

"Doing the IIB program was one of the best experiences I have done and to this day I still keep in touch with everyone from my semester."


Johan Venamalm, Fall' 11

Home Country: Sweden

Internship: Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken 

"Studying in New Paltz and interning in New York City was one of the best experiences! I had such an incredibly rewarding and fun semester." 


Elin Kvist, Fall '12

Home Country: Sweden

Internship: MTV 

"Not only do you get to experience the American college life and Manhattan lifestyle during your time at IIB, but you also get lifelong friends to share this time with. I couldn't be happier about my time in New Paltz and New York City."


Jose Ramirez Orozco, Fall '12 

Home Country: Mexico 

Internship: Arnold Worldwide 

"I loved my student life while we were at New Paltz studying. I was also really excited when I had different interviews in the most influential advertising agencies in New York." 


Ann-Kristin Kortenbrede, Fall'13 

Home Country: Germany

Internship: DZ Bank New York

"The IIB program helped me to get where I am now. Meeting both International and American students and professionals inspired me a lot and enabled me to focus on my strengths". 


Daniella Claesson, Fall '15 

Home Country: Sweden

Internship: Linda Gaunt Communications

"This will be a once in a life-time experience. Try to suck in every moment you can! New York is really the city of dreams, anything can happen!"


Andrea Usuelli, Fall '15

Home Country: Italy 

Internship: SONY Music Epic Records

"I feel so lucky and I feel grateful to IIB for this opportunity. I found what I want to do in my life. My goal now is to go back to Italy, graduate, and then do whatever I can to come back."


Ruth Quezada, Fall'16 

Home Country: Mexico 

Internship: Kahn Lucas 

"Give me such shows- give me the streets of Manhattan!", I can relate more with this quote, the streets of Manhattan will always surprise you!"