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Identity Standards

Editorial Standards - H

Alphabetical Entries: H

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handicaps See the DISABILITIES heading under the stereotypes entry.

Hispanic See the Chicano, Hispanic, Latino, Mexican American entry.

historical periods Follow AP style. Capitalize names of widely recognized epochs in anthropology, archaeology, geology and history: the Bronze Age, the Dark Ages, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Victorian era, the Enlightenment. But lowercase medieval, baroque, per Webster's Collegiate Dictionary.

Homecoming/homecoming Capitalize to denote the annual SUNY New Paltz event, but lowercase when used generically: The classes of 1960 and 1970 were honored at Homecoming 2000. This week, homecoming activities are under way at college campuses across the nation.


honors graduate Honors criteria includes a minimum of 30 credits of work at New Paltz with a minimum grade point average of 3.30. Honors designations are cum laude (GPA 3.30-3.59), magna cum laude (GPA 3.60-3.79), and summa cum laude (GPA 3.80-4.00).