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Identity Standards

Editorial Standards - D

Alphabetical Entries: D

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database one word

dates, days Follow guidelines under AP's dates and days of the week entries. When using the name of a day, set the date within commas: On Wednesday, Oct. 5, she will appear.... Use cardinal, not ordinal numbers: Oct. 5 (not Oct. 5th).

Dean's List Students who achieve a grade point average of 3.30 while taking courses totaling 12 or more credits in a single semester.

degrees See the academic degrees entry.

departments See the CAMPUS DEPARTMENTS AND UNITS heading under the names entry.

disabilities See stereotypes entry.

disc/disk The preferred spelling for CDs and CD-ROMs (optical or laser-based media) is disc. Disk is preferred for floppy and hard drives (magnetic storage media).

diseases See the stereotypes entry.

doctor Use Dr. in the first reference as a formal title before the name of an individual who holds a doctor of medicine or veterinary medicine degree: Dr. Jonas Salk. If appropriate in the context, Dr. also may be used on first reference before the names of individuals who hold other types of doctoral degrees. However, because the public frequently identifies Dr. with only physicians, care should be taken to assure that the individual's specialty is stated in first or second reference. To avoid confusion, it is preferable to default to Professor before an individual's name, with the academic department in parentheses after the name. See doctor entry in the AP Stylebook.