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Identity Standards

New Paltz Hawks Colors

New Paltz Official Colors

Color is one of the most important elements of the New Paltz Hawks identity system. The colors on the right are the official colors for all of the New Paltz Hawks logos. If these colors are not available the logos should be printed in all navy or all black.

New Paltz Navy 281 ZSOJ
New Paltz Royal 285 ZSOJ
New Paltz Orange 165 OQZO

In addition to the primary colors shown above, the New Paltz Hawks identity system utilizes black and white as important support colors. White helps to add contrast to primary colors. Black is the default color to use for New Paltz logos when the official colors are not available.

PMS - The Pantone Matching System is a widely used system of color specifications. Printers follow specific formulas for mixing ink, providing consistency and accuracy from design to print, and from print to reprint. This is often referred to as flat color or spot color.

CMYK - The three hues of cyan, magenta, and yellow are used with black in process color reproduction. This is referred to as full color or four color process.

RGB - Red, green and blue are the hues of light, used on the screen.

HEX - Hexidecimal code for use in HTML on the Web.