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Hudson Valley Writing Project

Professional Development Opportunities

Free Saturday Seminars
These seminars provide Hudson Valley educators with hands-on, teacher-led demonstrations of effective strategies for teaching writing and improving literacy instruction. Conferences and writing retreats give teachers opportunities to meet leaders in the field, reflect on their teaching practices, and develop their own writing.

Year-Round Invitational Institute
HVWP's Invitational Institute, Leadership in the Teaching of Writing, is designed for exemplary teachers of writing -- pre-K-16 and from all disciplines -- to present and discuss their own teaching practices, examine and critique current research, and engage in professional and personal writing. Inquiries about the program should be directed to Tom Meyer.

Inservice Provider to Schools and Districts
HVWP consults with school and district leaders to develop and provide inservice programs that are responsive and relevant to local needs. Inquiries about professional development should be directed to Tom Meyer.