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and Stratasys Superlab

HVAMC Interns

Current Interns 

Martin Benesh

Current Intern

Theatre Arts/Design & Technology 


Spencer Blumenthal

Current Intern

Mechanical Engineering 


Vanessa Bosch

Current Intern

Graphic Design


John Duffy

Current Intern

Electrical Engineering 


Katie Ketner


Nicole O'Connor

Current Intern



Alex Peraza

Current Intern

Contract Major, Digital Design & Fabrication 


Ezra Peterman

Current Intern

Graphic Design 


Past HVAMC Interns 

Caryn Byllot '17

Digital Design and Fabrication

Art Conservator, Center Art Studio


Adam Carlock '15

Electrical Engineering

 Electrical Engineer, Sono-Tek Corp.


Lily Champagne '21

Graphic Design

MJ Engineering, Boston MA


Kevin Castel '18

Finance/Accounting/International Economics

Founder & Real Estate Investor, Genius Gold Investments 


Thomas Coppola '18

Computer Engineering

 Jr. Software Engineer, North Atlantic Industries


Nicholas Cullen '21

Mechanical Engineering

Application Engineer, Branson Ultrasonics 


Rachel Eisgruber '20

Manufacturing Engineer 2, Caterpillar, Inc.

Mechanical Engineering Major, Digital Design & Fabrication Minor 


Danielle Epstein '18

BFA Metal

Project Engineer, Digifabshop


Claire Fox '19

Mechanical Engineering

Materials Technician, Formlabs 


Megan Gangewere '18

Mechanical Engineering

Systems Engineer, Entergy Corp.



Lori Jockers '17

Mechanical Engineering

Project Engineer, Natech Plastics, Inc. 


Cuiyu Kuang '18

Mechanical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering Master Student, Columbia University


Christopher Maggio '21


Rose Malenfant '19

Visual Arts Education/Printmaking

Assistant Program Director, Camp Scully at Catholic Charities 


Garrett Noach '18

Mechanical Engineering

Engineer, Lamothermic Corp. 


Michael Pakidis '14


Data Coordinator, Clinilabs


James Petroski '19


3D Scan Technician, Zelus USA 


Olivia Privitera '16

MFA Painting

Specification Sales, Point Source Group, Inc. 


Jeff Snyder '14


SUNY Stony Brook PhD Program, Biomedical Engineering


Aisha Sooknanan '15


 Jr. Accountant, Direct Agents


Kelsey Sperring '20


Kristen Van Aken '21

Graphic Design/Digital Design and Fabrication

Creative Marketing Coordinator, NYC 


Mitch Wagner '15

Computer Engineering

Software Engineer, Leidos