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Mascot Madness

Mascot Madness

Hugo the Hawk was born in a nest overlooking Lake Minnewaska in the majestic Shawangunk Mountains of New Paltz. After he learned to fly, he decided to visit the SUNY New Paltz campus to look for some squirrels to eat, and he’s been here ever since!

Hugo represents 15 sports teams at New Paltz. As a hawk, he’s used to animals running away from him when they see him coming, but the humans at New Paltz make Hugo feel right at home. The SUNY Mascot Madness contest is his favorite campus event of the year. He loves all of his fans, but the ones who bring him tasty snakes to eat during half-time are his favorites.

In his spare time, Hugo likes to cook and experiment with recipes. He asked the folks at Hugo’s fine dining restaurant in the Student Union Building if they’d consider putting his deep-fried mouse nuggets with lizard chutney on the menu. We can’t imagine why they turned him down!

Aside from the New Paltz campus, Hugo’s favorite New York State destination is the Catskill Mountain range. Every once in a while, he enjoys escaping from the country by flying down to New York City and catching a Broadway show. His favorite play is “Bye-Bye Birdie.”


Contest Info

Each voter may vote once every 48 hours.

Macros, hidden IP's, etc. are not permitted for use to vote or access contest webpages.

Vote counts may be adjusted at any time by the Generation SUNY Team upon detection of suspicious activity. Any adjustment that is made cannot be appealed. If it is a repeat issue, the mascot will be disqualified with advance notice to the campus point of contact.

The semi-final and final rounds include a Bonus Score: Each time a voter clicks the Tweet Button and brings to the site a unique visitor, you get 1 bonus point. The bonus scores will be updated once each day during these rounds.


Contest Dates: (Bracket)

Round 1 = March 19 (12:00pm) – March 22 (3:00pm)
Round 2 = March 26 (12:00pm) – March 28 (3:00pm)
Round 3 = March 29 (12:00pm) – April 2 (3:00pm)
Semifinals = April 3 (12:00pm) – April 5 (3:00pm)
Finals = April 9 (12:00pm) – April 11 (3:00pm)