Health Center

Managed Care

Many students who have insurance through their family are covered by a managed care company or HMO, examples include, HIP, CDPHP, Oxford, GHI, AETNA, CIGNA, WELLCARE, MVP etc. All of these managed care companies have specific rules regarding payment for medical services. Usually this implies that approval for lab tests, x-rays, emergency room visits and specialist consultations, and hospitalization must be obtained in advance by the student and their family. Prescriptions may not be covered away from the managed care company's service region at the students' permanent home.

All families who have managed care health coverage for their student are strongly encouraged to contact their insurer's customer service representative for written details of coverage available to the student while they are away from home living in New Paltz. It may be prudent to purchase the College's health insurance policy if your family's health insurance will not pay for health care services away from your home community.

Many Medicaid HMO's (examples are HealthFirst and Healthnow) based in all the New York City boroughs are not accepted by providers in this area.  Students who have this type of insurance will be referred to their home physicians and facilities based in their home county.  This is dictated by their plans so the medical treatment will be covered by their insurance.  SUNY New Paltz has no control over their insurance coverage regulations.