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COVID-19 Information and Testing

COVID-19 Information & Testing Resources

Mandatory COVID-19 Testing

All students who come to campus for any reason are required to be tested for COVID-19 at least twice each semester. UUP, CSEA and PEF​-represented employees who have a regular presence on campus as part of their professional obligation are required to be tested twice each semester.

You are ​also welcome to get tested as often as you feel is necessary. If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or have known exposure to COVID-19 you should NOT participate in mandated or opt-in on campus testing as you will unnecessarily expose others to the virus;  instead students should contact SHS at 845-257-3400 and staff should contact their physician or an urgent care provider. 

Here are your options for meeting the testing requirement:

1.     On-campus testing during your assigned week. We offer two types of testing on campus:  PCR and Pool testing. At this time, antigen tests are considered unreliable and are not offered on-campus. Residential students will be tested once through each of these means, while commuter students and UUP-represented employees will be tested twice each semester through pool testing only. You will be notified when and how you are mandated to be tested.  The PCR mandated testing schedule is posted HERE.  PCR Testing is generally done on Tuesdays.  The Pool testing is generally done on Thursdays and Fridays.  The Pool testing mandated testing through October is posted below.  

  • For on campus PCR testing you are required to have an appointment for testing.  Be sure to go HERE five days prior to your mandated testing week to make your appointment.  Note that you will need your health insurance information to make an appointment.  Please only make an appointment during your mandated week.  If space is available we will send a notice of availability for opt-in testing. 
  • For Pool testing you do not need an appointment but you must register with ​SUNY Upstate Medical University before you can be tested HERE.  Note that you need your health insurance information to register.  For Pool testing you cannot brush your teeth or use mouthwash for 3 hours prior to testing and cannot eat, chew gum, smoke or vape for 30 minutes prior to testing.  

2. Off-campus Testing.  If you prefer to be tested off campus you can use any testing facility, and some local facilities are listed HERE.  If you want your off-campus test to satisfy your mandatory testing requirement your test must occur within two weeks of your mandatory testing date. 

  • FOR STUDENTS: Off-campus testing results should be submitted HERE.
  • FOR EMPLOYEES: Please submit an attachment of test results to, fax to 845-257-3621 or hard copy put in the drop box outside their office.

Opt-in Testing
You are encouraged to get tested as often as you feel it is necessary, and you should especially be tested if you are symptomatic or have had known exposure to COVID​-19.  Students requiring testing for these reasons should communicate directly with SHS by calling 845-257-3400.  For the safety of our staff, only asymptomatic individuals may participate in Pool Testing.

NOTE:  If you have had COVID-19 you may test positive for up to three months after diagnosis.  This does not mean that you are infectious for that duration – you are only infectious for the period that you are required to isolate.  You should not seek a screening test for at least three months after being diagnosed with COVID-19.