Graduate Studies


Non-Degree Graduate Students have earned a Bachelor’s or higher degree and wish to enroll in graduate courses prior to matriculation in a program. Generally, non-degree students are completing a combination of graduate and undergraduate pre-requisite coursework before starting a graduate program, fulfilling teaching certification requirements, or seeking personal fulfillment. Students eventually matriculating to a graduate degree program are allowed to register for 6 to 9 credits as a non-degree student.

Due to the non-matriculated status, students may need to obtain registration clearance before enrolling in certain courses. To check a course’s pre-requisites:

  1. Search for your course in our Schedule of Classes.
  2. Click on the Course Title to view course information:
  3. Review the registration Restrictions to determine if you need registration clearance to enroll.
  4. If the course is restricted to specific majors, you will need to request registration clearance to enroll by emailing the faculty member.  After you receive clearance by email, save it as a pdf document to upload to the application portal.   *For Business course approval, contact to request permission.  
  5. Once you have received registration clearance, you may submit an online non-degree application.

Please review the academic calendar for registration deadlines before you begin the process.  We suggest completing your application at least one week prior to the term start for enough processing time.

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