Graduate, Professional & Interdisciplinary Studies

Reimbursement Procedures


The purchasing procedures of the State of New York must be followed when expending your award.  Failure to follow these procedures may result in a partial loss of funding. If you have questions regarding the reimbursement process, contact the Office of Graduate, Professional & Interdisciplinary Studies to make an appointment to meet with Vika Shock.



Grant approved travel expenses will be reimbursed after the trip.  The cost of airline tickets will be reimbursed at the end of the trip with a paid original airline receipt and boarding passes.

Travel will neither be reimbursed at a rate higher than the State's published rates, nor will travel expenses to North Carolina or Mississippi be reimbursed until the travel ban is removed. Please visit our travel website at: for general information, per diem rates, and reimbursement forms.  Meals are not reimbursable under this award.  

Travel will require the completion and submission of the following forms:
  1. Travel Requisition (Need instructions? Click here to view Travel Requisition Sample.)
  2. Travel Expense Report (Need instructions? Click here to view Travel Expense Report sample.)
  3. Statement of Automobile Travel (if applicable) (Need instructions? Click here to view Statement of Automobile Travel Sample.)
  4. Appropriate original paid receipts
  5. Copy of the RCPA Award letter

Under the "Purpose of Travel" section of the travel voucher and the travel requisition, a statement of the nature of your project is required. Please note across the top of your travel requisition "Graduate Student RCPA Award" and submit completed forms to the Graduate, Professional & Interdisciplinary Studies Office (OM 127). 



Submission of a purchase requisition and standard voucher is required for reimbursement for any approved purchases. Remember that:

  • Any equipment purchased with RCPA funding become property of the student's academic department.
  • Reimbursement for conference registration may be incorporated into your travel and listed on the travel requisition and expense report.  However, if you are planning to attend a workshop which requires participants to purchase materials at an additional fee in order to participate, or rent equipment, submission of a purchase requisition and standard voucher for reimbursement of these expenditures are required.
Reimbursement for purchases will require the completion and submission of the following forms:
  1. Purchase Requisition (Need instructions? Click here to view Purchase Requisition Form Sample.)
  2. Standard Voucher (Need instructions? Click here to view Standard Voucher Form Sample.)
  3. Original vendor receipts/invoices
  4. Copy of RCPA Award letter

Please note across the top of your purchase requisition "Graduate Student RCPA Award."  Please gather and submit the following documents to Vika Shock in Academic Planning & Learning Innovation (OM 127A)


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