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Graduate Course Proposals

Guide to Course Revisions

NEW Graduate Curricular Proposals and Tracking Guidelines

Approval Form for Faculty Certification for Online and Hybrid Course Development

 Curricular Forms Flowchart: Faculty: Unit Review Approval  Department: Chair Approval  GPIS: Assistant Dean  School: School Council & Dean Approval Graduate Council: Pres. Officer  APLI: Associate Provost, Approval  Records & Registration: Builds Course

Microcredential Proposals

Microcredential Proposal Form


4+1 Program Proposals

  1. Schedule a meeting with APLI staff.
  2. Complete the 4+1 Program Proposal Form


Graduate Program Proposals

Before completing any of the forms below, you must schedule a meeting with the Associate Provost for Academic Planning & Learning Innovation to review your program proposal. Review the Graduate Curricular Proposals and Tracking Guidelines to learn more about the submission and tracking process of your proposal. The AP will notify you once your proposal has been approved to move forward, and provide you with direction regarding which of the forms below will be required. 

SUNY offers a Guide to Academic Program Planning that provides an overview of the proposal process, as well as, links to Academic Program Planning Forms

New Program Proposals

  1. Working with APLI, complete and submit the New Program Proposal Cabinet Briefing Document and EMSI Report Request to Associate Provost Shala Mills. 
    (Sample Briefing Document for Cabinet)

  2. Complete the appropriate program proposal* below and Cover Sheet:

    A. Cover Sheet: Graduate Program Proposal Cover Sheet and Instructions

    B. Program Proposal Forms: New Graduate Degree Program Proposal - Form 2B
    New Certificate Program Proposal - Form 2C

    *Educator Preparation Program Forms - Additional forms are required for program proposals leading to New York State certification for classroom teachers, school/district leaders, or pupil personnel professionals.

  3. After the program proposal has been approved by Graduate Council, prepare a Letter of Intent to announce SUNY New Paltz's intention to propose A new program for a 30-day intra-SUNY comment period.


Major Revisions to Existing Programs

  1. Cover Sheet: Graduate Program Proposal Cover Sheet and Instructions

  2. Complete the appropriate program proposal below:

Program Revision Proposal: Changes to an Existing Program - Form 3A
Program Revision Proposal: Creating a New Program from Existing Programs - Form 3B
Program Revision Proposal: Title Change - Form 3C

Distance Education Format Proposal - Form 4
Deactivation and/or Discontinuance Proposal - Form 5

Minor Revisions to Existing Programs

Minor program changes include modifications to a program’s admission requirements or curriculum that do not represent a substantive change in the program's focus or design (e.g., identifying/adding course substitutions for degree clearance, nor involve changing more than 1/3 of the originally approved program). 


STOP! Contact the Associate Provost for Academic Planning & Learning Innovation to determine the appropriate form and review pathway. The types of curricular changes listed below require submission of a formal Program Revision Proposal: Changes to an Existing Program (form 3A): 

  • Changing more than 30% of the curriculum 
  • Changing the program's focus or design 
  • Adding/eliminating disciplinary tracks 
  • Eliminating a requirement for program completion
    (e.g., culminating assessment like internship, clinical placement, etc.). 
  • Changing the program's mode of delivery by offering more than 50% of the program
    via distance requires the submission of a Distance Education Format Proposal. 

If a Minor Graduate Program Revision is Appropriate, then:

  1. Download the Graduate Minor Program Revision
  2. Follow the steps below to view your program in the Inventory of Registered Programs.  
    • Select "Search by Institution" 
    • Select "SUC NEW PALTZ"  
    • The programs are listed alphabetically by Program Title and Award Type:
      View of the NYS Inventory of Registered Programs
    • Click the Program Code link to view more detailed information (e.g., HEGIS code,  
      teaching certification or licensure information, and the last date it was registered.):
      Program-level registry detail including HEGIS codes, etc. 
  3. For Admission Requirement Changes, provide a side-by-side comparison of the current requirements and proposed revisions. 
  4. For Curricular Revisions that do not represent a substantive change in the program's focus, provide the current plan of study and modified plan of study highlighting the proposed revisions.  
  5. Obtain Approvals from the Department Chair, Academic Dean, Assistant Vice President for Graduate & Extended Learning, and the Provost. 
  6. Upon approval, revisions will be recorded in Banner, CourseLeaf, and DegreeWorks. 

GPIS: Assistant Dean & Faculty determine changes  Department: Chair Approval  School: Assistant Dean of Accreditation/Dean Approval  APLI: Associate Provost Approval  Records & Registration: Updates course in SIS.

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