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General Education Board


Curriculum Committee (2)

Jen Wawrzonek, Admissions


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (6)

Cesar Barros, Languages, Literature and Cultures
Matt Newcomb, English
Sara Hsu, Economics
Stephen Pampinella, Political Science
Heather Morrison, History (co-chair)
1 vacancy


School of Business (1)

Chih-Yang Tsai


School of Education (1)

Ro Millham


School of Fine and Performing Arts (2)

Suzanne Stokes, Art
Beth Thomas, Art Education


School of Science and Engineering (2)

Jennifer Waldo, Biology  (co-chair)
Jared Nelson, Engineering


Library (1)

Anne Deutsch  



Lucy Walker, Institutional Research
Laurel Garrick Duhaney, Associate Provost
TBA, Teaching and Learning Center
Mary Beth Collier, Academic Advising