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Every event hosted by a student group (except residence hall groups holding events within their building) being held on the SUNY New Paltz campus must have their event approved by the Student Activities and Union Services office.  The process will typically follow a standard approval procedure.  The steps are as follows:




The Office of Student Activities and Union Services with the advice of University Police, when deemed necessary, is responsible for coordinating and approving a security plan with the sponsoring organization. This plan must be reviewed with the sponsoring organization at least 72 hours prior to the event for the event to be approved.

The following factors will be used when determining how much security (outside security and/or University Police staffing) will be hired for your event and what security checks/measures will be required for entry into the event.

Please note that security services are charged to the hosting organization.


In order to maintain a safe environment for your event and attendees, the sponsoring student group(s) will be asked to select one of the following Guest Policies for the event.  Please note as an event is more accessible to the general public, the likelihood of security services being required increases.

 SUNY New Paltz Students Only:

 SUNY New Paltz Students and their Guests:

 Open to Students with College ID:

Open to the Public, 18 and Over:

 Open to Public (all outdoor events):



In accordance with the campus guidelines on Proof of Identification, the following policies are reiterated for student organizations:






If a group is planning on showing a movie, film, video, or other multimedia presentation, there are legal restrictions regarding copyrights.  All student events are considered a “public performance” and will require that the group to obtain copyright approval, regardless if a fee is charged to view the movie.  Groups can acquire this one of two ways – paying for the copyrights for the film through an authorized vendor or acquiring written permission for the distributor and/or studio that produced the film.  Often, a license for a film can range from $100 - $800 depending on the movie and only covers the viewing of the film at a specific date and time.  A license does not give you rights to show the film at any time in the future.

Purchasing a movie from a local store, renting a movie from a video store, or borrowing the movie from a library DOES NOT authorize you to show the film at an event.  These methods are NOT legal ways of acquiring license to show the film.  For assistance, please speak with a staff member in the Office of Student Activities and Union Services.  Be advised that acquiring copyright approval can take many weeks, so please plan on starting early.  Groups that do not acquire legal approval to show the film or movie put the group and college at risk of substantial legal fines and violations of copyright law.


As per the Student Events Policy (available online at, all student clubs requesting to host an event must first complete a FUSE form and submit it to the Office of Student Activities and Union Services.  For events held outdoors, this form is due a minimum of 21 days prior to your event (45 days in advance is recommended).   This is due, in large part, to the logistics associated and services required for events held outdoors. The Office of Student Activities and Union Services will review the request to make sure it complies with this policy.

o   Old Main Quad (Old Library Lobby)

o   Parker Quad (Capen Hall Lobby or Parker Theatre Patio)

o   Hasbrouck Quad (Hasbrouck Dining Hall Lobby)

o   East/West Intramural Fields (Lenape Hall Lobby)

o   Athletic Fields and Track (AWC Lobby or Track Shed)

o   Excelsior Concourse (Lecture Center Lobby)

o   Student Union Concourse/Plaza (Student Union Lobby)

o   Residence Hall Events (Nearest Residence Hall Lobby)

o   McKenna Patio (McKenna Theatre Lobby)

o   The Pond Patio (South Classroom Building)


The purpose of this information is to clarify for students and/or organized groups looking to coordinate demonstrations, protests, picketing, or other free speech activities on campus property. The Student Handbook outlines policies regarding these types of events including, but not limited to:


Individuals and/or groups not associated with the college should refer to the “Use of Facilities by Third Parties for Free Speech Policy”  found online at  for such related activities.


Primary Points of Understanding:

o   Harassment

o   Physical Abuse

o   Property Damage/Destruction

o   Trespassing/Unauthorized Use of Facilities and Services

o   Disorderly/Disruptive Conduct

o   Compliance with Official Requests


If you have questions and would like more information about coordinating a protest, demonstration or other type of assembly, please contact the Director of Office of Student Activities and Union Services in Student Union 211 or by calling 257-3025.



The following policy exists to provide registered student organizations with the ability to provide food, beverages and miscellaneous items for sale during programs and events, which are open to the campus community and conducted on property owned and controlled by the College.

You must fill out a vending form and provide answers to all information requested before any contracts are signed. FUSE forms that identify vending will be cancelled if the vending form is not completed.


This policy applies to events/programs, which meet the following criteria:


Items, which may be offered for re-sale by student groups during, authorized campus activities and programs are limited to the following:


Merchandising activities, which are prohibited, include, but are not limited to, the following:


All requests for permission to sell items at authorized activities are limited to a single event basis. Organizations receiving approval to sell specific items will be provided a single authorization certificate which must be posted at the event. A member of the sponsoring club/organization must be present throughout the event.


A minimum of 10% of all proceeds must be deposited into the student club account.  Student Association groups have a minimum 20% requirement.  Proceeds from the sale of items at events which are open to the public may involve a sales tax liability and as such, the sponsoring groups are responsible for determining the applicability of sales tax levies, appropriate record keeping and possible payment of such taxes.


Events Held in Student Union:


Events Held Outside of Student Union:



As an academic institution, we recognize and welcome the educational benefits of exposing students to political debate and information, including partisan political speech. We have made some of our facilities available to a wide range of outside speakers and expressive activities and, therefore, have legal obligations to open such facilities to political speech, as well. In handling requests for permission to use campus facilities, we must be guided by the principle of viewpoint neutrality and evenhanded treatment as to terms and conditions of use (i.e. rental charges, security costs, insurance, etc.).


With regards to political speech and speakers, the State University has placed certain limits on access to its facilities. It has been longstanding State University policy – going back to at least the 1970s – to prohibit use of State University property for partisan political candidate fundraisers. This policy is consistent with our legal obligations, the educational mission of the State University, and other strong interests, such as avoidance of the inevitable impression of endorsing particular candidates.


The policies that address the most commonly asked questions are the New York State Public Officer's Law and SUNY policies on facilities usage for non-commercial purposes. The applicable provisions are:


Public Officer’s Law:

No state employee may use his/her official title, position or authority in any campaign activities, including untargeted mass mailings. No state resources of any type may be used in furtherance of these activities, including, but not limited to, telephone, office supplies, postage, photocopying machines, computers (including e-mail) and support staff (see Advisory Opinion No. 93-9) nor may campaign activities be conducted from a state office or during state business hours unless leave is taken. Finally, no state employee may solicit from subordinates, as this practice is strictly forbidden by Civil Service law §107. (See also Election Law §17-158.)


Use of Facilities by Non-Commercial Organizations and Use of Facilities by Third Parties for Free Speech:

Political organizations are included in SUNY's definition of non-commercial organizations that are permitted use of campus facilities and in the College’s policy on Use of Facilities by Third Parties for Free Speech. All non-commercial organizations are required to obtain a revocable permit for each use of campus facilities. These permits, obtained through Student Activities and Union Services for use of the Student Union Building (SUB), Conference Services and University Police for other campus locations, establish the terms and conditions for use of facilities, including reimbursement for any associated costs. If a political candidate wishes to speak in one of the free speech zones identified in the Use of Facilities by Third Parties for Free Speech policy during non-blackout dates outlined in the policy, they should contact the Office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance. The Use of Facilities by Third Parties for Free Speech policy may be found at this link: Use of Facilities by Third Parties for Free Speech.


The SUNY policy on Use of Facilities by Non-Commercial Organizations imposes the following additional conditions for use of facilities by partisan political organizations:

That the proposed meeting gives promise of contributing to the educational purposes of the institution.

That the institution sees a reasonable possibility of making the facilities available for other viewpoints to be presented.


Distribution of Campaign Materials:

Individuals campaigning for office shall have access to students and employees in parking lots, entrances to buildings and other areas to which members of the public are admitted, provided that such activities do not inhibit the movement of people or vehicles, impair the safe and efficient conduct of the operation or interfere with work duties or work performance. Individuals are not allowed to campaign in residence halls.

Individual campaign posters are not permitted in public spaces on campus. Meeting notices and other organizational materials shall not be hung upon, posted or otherwise affixed to the walls, doors, windows, trees or other appurtenances of facilities and buildings owned or leased by the state.


More information on State University policies regarding use of facilities by non-commercial organizations can be found at this website (scroll down under Policy I to Section K: Use of university facilities for political purposes).



When a student group is interested in hosting an event that involves or is focused on a group from an elementary and/or secondary school on campus the following process must take place.  Possible events could include, but are not limited to: school visit and tour, community service event, tutoring programs, educational program, etc.




 The use of burning candles at student events is limited to religious services, memorials and vigils held at outdoor locations, only.  The use of candles is not permitted in any indoor campus facility.  We encourage the use of battery operated/flameless candles, when at all possible, as a safe alternative.  The following parameters apply for any student program that includes the use of burning candles.   




Be advised that often groups may refer to a steppe or stroll event as a “probate show.”  A probate is often connected a student in a probationary or potential new member status going through an educational process for membership.  Hosting events where “probationary” or potential new members must perform for membership is strictly prohibited.  The college will only approve steppe and stroll shows that include all members of the chapter/organization where participation in the actual performance is voluntary.  With this in mind, the following rules apply for hosting a steppe or stroll show on campus:




Individuals must conduct themselves appropriately with children who participate in University-related programs and report instances or suspicion of physical or sexual abuse of children. The State University of New York at New Paltz is committed to protecting the safety and well-being of children who participate in University-related programs and activities, whether on or off campus, or utilize campus facilities for activities including, but not limited to, sports camps, academic and personal enrichment programs and research studies.


Student groups that are coordinating events that included minors should have their program reviewed in the Office of Student Activities and Union Services to ensure compliance with the SUNY New Paltz Child Protection Policy.  The complete policy is available online at



The Office of Student Activities and Union Services reserves the right to cancel or temporarily suspend any event that has been insufficiently planned as determined by the Director/Assistant of Student Activities and Union Services and/or has not met the requirements stated in the contract or because of a situation that has occurred while event is on.