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9.00 Harassment/Stalking .01 No person shall engage in unwelcome conduct directed at an individual which is so severe or pervasive that it interferes with an individual’s sense of safety or well-being, and may interfere with an individual’s employment, academic performance, or participation in the College’s programs or activities. .02 No person shall use threats, abuse, epithets and other harassing expressions which are directed at an individual and which can be reasonably anticipated to provoke an immediate violent reaction. 14 .03 No person shall engage in a repeated course of conduct directed at a specific individual that directly or indirectly (or through third parties) distresses, intimidates or threatens, and places a reasonable person in fear. This also includes repeated incidents where electronic media such as the internet, pagers, cell phones, or other similar devices are used to pursue, intimidate or threaten and place a reasonable person in fear (cyber-stalking). (Penalty: Disciplinary Probation, Suspension Held in Abeyance, Suspension or Expulsion)