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Areas of Study: Music Therapy: Undergrad Degree & Course Prep

Undergraduate Degree & Course Preparation for Graduate Music Therapy Studies

Four areas of study are evaluated for all students when applying to the Graduate Studies program:

  1. Undergraduate Music degree
  2. Music Therapy Elective Courses*
    *These Music Therapy undergraduate courses are completion requirements for the graduate program. However, students with music degrees who have not taken these courses must take them as part of their graduate studies, or complete them before applying to the graduate program.
  3. Voice, Piano, Guitar Competencies**
    **Competencies in voice, piano, and guitar are evaluated when applying to the graduate program. These courses are only required for students who need to improve their skills to meet entrance competencies. For example, a pianist probably only needs to take guitar and voice competency classes.
  4. Psychology Courses***
    ***NOTE: Effective Fall 2016, all New Paltz undergraduate music majors preparing for the graduate music therapy program are required to complete a Minor in Psychology (Which will include the Pyschology courses listed on this page)


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Students interested in graduate music therapy studies at New Paltz should complete an undergraduate music degree, plus elective courses, and music competencies shown below. Undergraduate studies must be from an accredited college or University.

1. Undergraduate Music degree

  • A BS or BA in music, 54 credits minimum
  • Undergraduate coursework must include the Music Therapy electives, competencies & pyschology courses in areas 2, 3 & 4.

2. Music Therapy Elective Courses*

  • Introduction to Music Therapy course
  • Psychology for Music course
  • Songwriting for Music Therapy
  • Music Therapy Ethics course
  • Music Therapy Methods course
  • Music Therapy Practicum or Clinical Experience course (60 Hours on site supervised by a Board-Certified music therapist)

3. Voice, Piano, Guitar Competencies**

  • Piano Class* (3 courses 1, 2, and 3 minimum) or applied lesson
  • Guitar Class* (Beginning and intermediate) or applied lessons
  • Voice Class* (beginning and intermediate) or applied lessons

4. Psychology Courses

  • Introductory Psychology course
  • Statistics course (Psychology or Sociology Statistics)



New Paltz, students enroll in the Music concentration. This degree, plus the electives below fulfill the undergrad completion requirements to apply to the Music Therapy Graduate Program, but do not guarantee admission.

1. Undergraduate Music degree

  • BS or BA in Music (507), 54 credits
  • All coursework in areas 1, 2 & 3 except MUS205 Class Voice (2) are electives included in the Music degree 54 credit total

Click here to view Music's Eight-Semester Plan

2. Music Therapy Electives Courses*

3. Voice, Piano, Guitar Competencies**

4. Psychology Courses***

Dr. Kathleen Murphy

Graduate Music Therapy Coordinator

Contact Information
Office: College Hall, Room 213B
Phone: 845-257-2708
Email: murphyk@newpaltz.edu


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