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NOTICE: All Fine & Performing Arts events have been canceled due to restrictions on public gatherings imposed by New York State and recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Why New Paltz?: Studio Space & Facilities

Ceramics: Studio Space & Facilities

Each student is provided a private graduate studio space within the program’s expansive 10,000 square foot facility. Our state-of-the-art facility gives students a wide range of technical opportunities and is fully equipped to accommodate most traditional and current ceramic practices. The studios are well resourced, ventilated, and brightly lit, and are designed to be flexible and responsive to the needs of the students and the curriculum. The studio is outfitted with a full range of ceramics equipment that is essential to clay fabrication and all aspects of surface development and firing. The program also introduces computeraided design and manufacture of 3D digital technologies that support students’ expanding production abilities. A broad range of materials for testing and experimentation is available for students’ use on an as-needed basis. Firing ranges from low to high temperatures in electric, gas, soda, and wood kilns. Large, mid-range, and small kilns are available for group and individual firings.

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Metal: Studio Space & Facilities

Designed to give students a broad range of technical opportunities, the 10,000 square foot metal studio is fully equipped to accommodate most hands-on metalsmithing and jewelrymaking practices—from fine work in precious metals to large scale, formed and welded constructions. The main studio consists of a large classroom and open workspace, which includes forming and smithing tools, and general machinery such as band saws, drill presses, shears, rolling mills, grinders, sanders, metal lathes and mill. Adjoining the main space are task rooms, each designed for specific processes such as annealing, mold making, casting, enameling, electroforming, etching, patination, laser cutting, welding, and blacksmithing. The facility includes a computer lab running current design software for both 2d and 3d outputs. Separate BFA and MFA studios include individual spaces for all majors. These semi-private spaces are equipped with soldering stations (oxygen/propane, acetylene, and compressed air), fume exhaust hoods, sinks, workbenches, kilns, and storage space. A central ventilation system creates safe air quality throughout the entire metal studio. Department wide resources include the Digital Fabrication Lab and the Hudson Valley Advanced Manufacturing Center, which houses CAD-CAM equipment including 3D printers, laser scanners, laser cutters, desktop CNC milling and a large format CNC router.

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Painting & Drawing: Studio Space & Facilities

MFA painters have generous 200 square foot private studio spaces in the Smiley Art Building. The building is equipped with wi-fi, three computer labs on the second floor, including a 64-inch Epson printer used to teach direct printing and transfer process in Digital Painting courses, and a 3-D digital fabrication lab on the first floor. A key-card system provides after-hours access. A well-equipped wood shop is located in the adjacent Fine Arts Building. The Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art adjoins the complex, and is the location of BFA and MFA thesis exhibitions.

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Photography & Related Media: Studio Space & Facilities

MFA students are provided generous studio space and have access to a range of analog and digital SLR cameras, large-format view and field cameras, on-location lighting kits, projectors, and other related equipment. The Photography program features a variety of studios including critique rooms and digital labs with Imacon scanners and large-format printers, an 18 station black-and-white darkroom and film developing room, a lighting studio, and a mounting and mat cutting room. All equipment is regularly updated with the latest imaging software. In addition, through elective courses, students can gain access to a range of facilities in other areas in the Art Department and beyond to produce their work across media, including well equipped woodshop, sculpture, ceramics, and printmaking facilities. Department-wide resources include the MakerBot Innovation Center and Digital Fabrication Lab, which houses CAD-CAM equipment including 3D printers, scanners, laser cutters, and a large format CNC router.

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Printmaking: Studio Space & Facilities

The Printmaking Program’s expansive studios offer nearly eight thousand square feet of total space, and are considered state of the art in both design and safety. A highly efficient central ventilation system creates continuous, safe air quality throughout the entire printmaking studio. Contemporary printmaking art processes include multi-media applications where traditional and cutting edge techniques merge. A partial list of equipment includes: five lithography presses, (including a 3’ x 5’ Takach press); a large inventory of stones ranging from small to very large; four relief/etching presses, (including a 4’ x 8’ Takach press), a photo-silkscreen studio with two exposure units and five vacuum printing tables large and medium format, a medium size hand paper making facility. The computer lab-room holds six computer stations with two wide-format and three medium size printers. A critique room is equipped with three walls for displaying work, a digital projector a large screen, and a long hallway gallery well suited to the display of work.

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Sculpture: Studio Space & Facilities

Encompassing 10,000 square feet of studio space, the sculpture studio provides an ample area for woodworking, metal fabrication, mold making and casting, a critique/lecture room and individual MFA and BFA studio spaces. Sculpture students have access to a wide range of equipment that includes welding and metal fabrication tools, woodworking machinery, video and sound equipment, well stocked tool room, and a computer lab for digital video/sound editing, 3D modeling, and robotic programming. Students also can access other studios, such as the 3D digital fabrication laboratory and wood studio, via elective course work. A large dock area and indoor rotunda provide space for student display of experimental and installation art.

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