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Master of Arts in Digital Design & Fabrication

NEW Master of Arts in Digital Design & Fabrication
Launching Fall 2022

The Schools of Fine & Performing Arts and Science & Engineering at SUNY New Paltz announce a new interdisciplinary Digital Design & Fabrication program leading to a Master of Arts degree

The Master of Arts in Digital Design & Fabrication (DDF) program will prepare students to utilize modern digital fabrication methods in the design and fabrication process. Modern methods of fabrication have changed not only how objects are designed, but also what can be designed and manufactured. Through an approach that blurs traditional boundaries between art, engineering, design, fabrication, and science, the DDF program will enable students to take full advantage of advanced manufacturing and fabrication techniques.

In this graduate program, students will be able to:

  • Learn to utilize modern digital fabrication methods, including 3D printing, in the design and fabrication process
  • Develop proficiency in 3D CAD Modeling
  • Produce/design a body of work using an array of additive manufacturing technologies
  • Learn advanced techniques that blur the traditional lines between art, engineering, design, fabrication, and science
  • Access the extensive resources of the Hudson Valley Additive Manufacturing Center (HVAMC)
  • Develop knowledge and skills that are applicable across a wide range of arts and industries

Admission Requirements

Students are expected to have completed an undergraduate degree in any design-related field. Some examples would be art, engineering, industrial design, architecture, and graphic design. Other requirements:

  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Essay describing interest in the program
  • Cumulative undergrad GPA > 3.0
  • Satisfactory TOEFL or IELTS scores for students who have a non-U.S. degree
  • A basic drawing course or its equivalent
  • 5-10 samples of completed work

Degree Requirements

DDF510 Computer Aided Design 1 (3)
DDF502 Introduction to Computational Media (
ARH526 Studies in the History of Design (
DDF512 Computer Aided Design (2)

DDF555 3D Computational Design (
DDF705 Advanced 3D Printing (
DDF560 Introduction to Designing with Microcontrollers (
DDF701 Advanced Computer Aided Design (
Electives (6)

  • Students may choose from existing courses in art, engineering, and computer science as approved by the advisor.

Capstone experience: DDF790 Thesis (3) or DDF794 Fieldwork (3)

  • Students may take either DDF790 or DDF794 twice for a total of 6 hours of culminating experience.

Total required credits: 36

Application deadline: March 30. Application details TBA.

For more information, contact program coordinator Aaron Nelson at nelsona@newpaltz.edu.

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