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Undergraduate: Curriculum

Students begin their study of lithography, intaglio, photo silk screen and relief printing in basic courses. These classes are designed to introduce the student to the printmaking processes and to build skills in the use of hand tools and techniques. Also, these classes provide a strong foundation in composition and drawing as related to printmaking.

Advanced classes emphasize the formulization of individual imagery through an in-depth study of traditional techniques, as well as color printing, photolithography, photo etching, monotype printmaking, and digital printing. Students are strongly encouraged to develop mastery in at least one printmaking technique. They are then encouraged to experiment with the boundaries of this technique and to develop personally meaningful ideas and imagery.

Images of historical and contemporary prints are shown in classes throughout the printmaking curriculum and integrated into class projects and discussion. The Contemporary Issues in Printmaking course begins with a primer on the history of Printmaking, introduces students to theoretical movements, and explores printmaking in the contemporary setting, along with related texts.

In addition, field trips are made to New York City galleries, museums, and alternative venues. Students attend artist lectures. These experiences help students to develop an understanding of printmaking in the context of art and modern culture.

Senior BFA students are required to complete two courses of Senior Studio where a body of work is completed leading to a thesis exhibition.


Application to the Program

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking Application Requirements

  1. Applicants must have completed at least one basic printmaking course.
  2. Candidates must submit a portfolio of prints completed in printmaking courses, along with examples of work from other courses. This can include painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, handmade books, sketchbooks, time-based work, etc. If the work is too cumbersome or requires specific formatting, please include CD’s/DVD’s, and/or digital prints.
  3. A cover letter expressing your interest in the program.
  4. Current transcripts and progress reports.

Applications  Look for flyers posted or email faculty for the exact date. Usually the date is late October each Fall semester and early April each Spring semester. Drop off your portfolio with a faculty member. The printmaking office is FAB 302 (inside FAB 301).

Candidates will be notified as soon as possible once the faculty has reviewed all of the applicants. Accepted students must immediately fill out a change of major form, a BFA Printmaking Plan of Study form and change their advisor in the Art Department office, FAB 225.

It is expected that along with their printmaking course work, students will devote the necessary time and energy to activities in the studio and the greater Art Department, such as active participation in the Student Art Alliance; visiting artists in the printmaking studio; exhibitions and displays related to the printmaking program, etc.

A positive collaboration is expected in the general maintenance of the printmaking studio, including maintaining equipment and exhibiting a professional demeanor.

For more information, please contact: Professors Rimer Cardillo and Jill Parisi

Email is the best way to reach us!    cardillr@newpaltz.edu   parisij@newpaltz.edu
FAB 302
Ext. 2871


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