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About Us

The Printmaking Program prepares students to be professional artists and to teach art at the college level. The objective is to offer a program that thoroughly grounds the student in a broad range of traditional, contemporary, and innovative techniques. The program encourages students to formulate and articulate their philosophical and personal concepts and translate them into visual ideas. The program offers a mix of intensive studio experience with critical and theoretical dialogue. The program is dedicated to acquainting students with the rich and diverse world of multicultural art and its formative impact on the contemporary art scene.

Over the past two decades digital technologies have expanded the possibilities for making print-based images and objects in ways that continue to emerge. In response to these new technologies, we redefined our curriculum and introduced new courses. These courses connect students from different areas with digital imagery and the editions of multicolor prints. The changes for the next years are connected with the increasing globalization of culture.

The powerful impact of electronic communication and information with new capacities to generate and transport ideas and images near or far in an instant has changed the art world. Artists are increasingly creating projects for non traditional places where the media they use must be more diverse. Our challenge for the future is to link traditional methods to new technologies. Our students are engaged in the creation of diverse multimedia projects that includes installations, three-dimensional objects, and digital printmaking.

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