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First-Year Programs

First-Year Programs
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The Scholar's Mentorship Program (SMP)


The Scholar's Mentorship Program (SMP) is a voluntary networking initiative for talented and high achieving general admission students of color. The program consists of three tiers.
Tier I:   "First-year Protégés" (who are assigned Faculty/Staff mentors and peer mentors).
Tier II:  “Peer Mentors” (sophomores, juniors and seniors in enrolled in Counseling Under-
              Represented Students)
Tier III: "Student Leaders" (who are enrolled in Black and Latino Leadership and/or hold positions in student organizations).

 Students say the like the program because it:

  • Encourages and facilitates continued academic excellence
  • Facilitates leadership development and encourages social responsibility
  • Provides a Peer Mentor who is a successful sophomore, junior or senior
  • Provides a Faculty/Staff Mentor to assist with academic and career issues
  • Offers a three-credit first year seminar
  • Offers some scholarships and book awards annually
  • Allows students to participate for their entire undergraduate college careers. 

While the traditional SMP groups are Blacks, Latinos, Asians and Native Americans, any student may participate by becoming a Peer Mentor, enrolling in the courses, and attending events.

For further information, call 845-257-2760 or e-mail Chanel Ward, Director (FOB West 6); wardcm@newpaltz.edu