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First-Year Programs

First-Year Programs
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EOP Freshman Year Experience

Students are placed into this learning community by virtue of their acceptance to the university under the special admission process provided by the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP). EOP provides high quality student support services to those who have met a particular set of academic and financial criteria. Participation in all of the features of the EOP Freshman Year Experience is required as a condition for enrollment at SUNY New Paltz. EOP's structured support consists of:

  • Expanded Freshman Orientation Program
  • Enrollment in 3-credit EOP Freshman Seminar (course 17175)
  • Frequent contact with Professional EOP Advisors for all aspects of college adjustment
  • Guidance from Peer Mentors
  • Placement in Professional-led Study Groups for Math and Writing
  • Expanded Mid-Term Evaluation System
  • Financial Aid to minimize student loans in the freshman year