Fire Safety - Office of Emergency Management (OEM)

Monthly Tips


October 2019


Active Shooter/Hostile Event Preparedness:

All members of the campus community are encouraged to familiarize themselves with active shooter response protocol.

"Crisis on Campus: Shots Fired" is an excellent video about active shooter response and is available on the OEM website

Good practices for increasing your situational awareness and improving your personal safety every day:

  • Be aware of your environment and any possible dangers
  • Take mental note of the two nearest exits
  • If you are in an office, envision ways to stay hidden and secure the door
  • If you are in a hallway, envision ways to get into a room and secure the door
  • Ensure accurate information is provided to NPAlert for timely notifications
  • Store the number for University Police in your cell phone as (845) 257-2222
  • Report doors that do not close all the way or are propped open - if doors don't close on their own or are propped they will not prevent an intruder

Campus Emergency Response Plans for Faculty & Staff and for Students are available at

Any questions or concerns can be emailed to