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Fire Safety

Monthly Tips

AUGUST, 2013


Smoking on campus

Smoking is not allowed inside any building on campus, within 50 feet of any building entrance (signed or not), or in the Student Union/Haggerty Administration Building plaza. As a rule of thumb, 50 feet is 20-22 normal walking paces/span (not toe-to-toe steps, but normal strides).

Problem spots on campus seem to be located near the Lecture Center, Humanities Building,  Sojourner Truth Library and the Jacobson Faculty Tower. Fifty feet spans the width of the new concourse. So there should not be any smoking on the west side of the concourse near those buildings.

If you choose to smoke, please do it at least 50 feet from any building entrance, and extinguish your cigarette in a proper smoking receptacle and not the ground or the mulch beds on campus. We have had a rash of small fires from carelessly discarded cigarettes recently.

Above all, be aware of fire safety issues. If you notice fire risks, bring them to the attention of resident director, co-workers, a supervisor and the Environmental Health and Safety Office at x3310.

If it is an emergency, dial 911 or 845-257-2222.