Facilities Management

Energy Saving Tips
  • Keep all computer equipment off unless in use – especially at night and on weekends
  • On your computer, enable power management features so your computer monitor and hard drive will go into a lower power (blank screen) “sleep mode” when not actively in use. 
  • When purchasing computers, buy low wattage equipment certified by the EPA’s Energy Star program and be sure to enable power management features when setting up equipment.
  • Turn off unused or unneeded lights
  • Use natural lighting instead of electric lighting whenever possible
  • If you have a desk lamp, make sure it uses a fluorescent bulb
  • Do not use halogen floor lamps in any campus building.  These lamps are very energy wasteful and may pose a safety risk.
  • During the heating season, open blinds, drapes and curtains to let sun in.  If no sun, close them to keep the heat in, especially at night.
  • During the cooling season, close blinds, drapes and curtains to block direct sun.
  • Use hot water sparingly.
  • Keep windows and doors closed in heated and air conditioned areas.
  • Close vestibule doors when propped open
  • Purchase only energy -efficient models of equipment