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Facilities Management
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Energy Use Reduction

Periodically, the campus participates in mandatory energy use reduction directives during summer months and must cut back on our air conditioning use. While Facilities Management staff will make every effort to rotate the cycling on and off of our chillers to keep the buildings as comfortable as possible, we recognize that some working spaces may become uncomfortable. We apologize for this inconvenience.

In such circumstances, we wish to remind you that only the Governor can authorize an early departure from a state agency without charge to leave credits. Each individual employee must decide whether they wish to leave work early and must charge their leave credits if they do so. If the employee can perform their work from home in accordance with SUNY’s telecommuting policy, then they do not need to charge leave credits.

You can also help keep your working spaces cooler by closing blinds and turning off lights, where feasible. We would also ask that you close blinds and turn off lights and computers when you depart for the evening or the weekend.