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Faces of New Paltz

Judy Ko - Sociology

Past Faces of New Paltz
Jada Young
Black Studies
Jamie, Mary, and Maryana
Communication Disorders

Hometown: Queens, N.Y.
Major: Sociology with minor in communication/media
Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2013

  • Resident Assistant, Capen Hall
  • Public Relations Representative, Scholars’ Mentorship Program
  • Public Relations Representative and Treasurer, New Paltz Handball Team
  • Former Member, Voices of Unity

What brought you to New Paltz?
I wanted something new, where I could meet new people and really start fresh. I love the city, but I wanted to be away and be independent. But I didn’t want to be too far away. I can come home whenever I need to – once a month, or for holidays. I love how it’s not a really big school and it’s very personalized. You get to know one another, the administration, the faculty. I just fell in love with it and I knew I wanted to come here. I’ve been here for four years and I don’t regret anything.

How do you find a balance between maintaining good grades and being so involved with campus activities?
A lot of it is just time management. I know in the back of my mind that I still need time for myself. I like to have fun, laugh, and just be at ease. My friends keep me sane a lot of the time. I like to be around them, even if it’s just grabbing food or watching a movie. But I know when things need to get done, it’s my first priority to get my assignments and my responsibilities taken care of.

What have you gained from your experience as a Resident Assistant?
The RA position helped me grow tremendously. I’ve improved my interpersonal skills and communication skills. We go through a pretty intensive training, and that definitely helped me. When I took care of my first incident, I was really nervous. But there’s always someone there helping you, who has your back and always has advice for you. Even when I’m going through my own troubles, they’re there for me. Every day is a learning process.

What has been your most memorable experience at New Paltz?
I like to try new things and explore new opportunities, and I love this school because there are so many opportunities I can take advantage of that I never really thought I would. One of those opportunities was a tap dance course. It was fun and it gave me confidence to perform in front of a group. I was extremely proud of myself. Another memorable experience is a program I’ve participated in since my first year at New Paltz, the Scholar's Mentorship Program, which gave me a great student mentor and faculty mentor who I still keep in touch with today. After my first year, I knew I wanted to become a mentor to help first year students transitioning from high school to college, because I was once there myself. This program has given me the chance to interact with influential individuals and create great friendships. 

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