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Faces of New Paltz

Anne Concepcion, '14, Psychology/Art/Disaster Stud

Past Faces of New Paltz

Arielle Rubinstein
& Kaitlin Camporese
Paul Huth

Hometown: Merrick, N.Y.
Major: Psychology
Minor(s): Art, Disaster Studies

Internship: Orange County Office of Emergency Management
Graduate School: Mental health counseling, Hofstra University (starting fall 2014)
How did you discover New Paltz, and why did you decide it was the college for you?
It was definitely a school that was talked about a lot in my high school, with Long Island being such a good distance away. But there’s something about this school. I had a really good feeling about it. I just had a gut feeling about it, and it hasn’t failed me. It’s a great size, I love the people, and it’s a beautiful area.

Why did the size of the school appeal to you?
I had a few small classes that really catered to me. In my Crisis Intervention class, we really got to know the professor and the people in the class. In big lecture classes, you don’t know anybody’s name, but I knew everybody’s name in this class. I knew most of their stories. It was nice, because you feel like a person, versus just another name on a roster.

Are there any particular faculty or staff members who inspired you at New Paltz?
My mentor from the Scholar’s Mentorship Program really helped me figure out the skills I needed to work on so I could go into the counseling field after graduating.

I took a class with my advisor, Corwin Senko, my junior year called the Psychology of Motivation. It was such a great class, because it honed in on why I do some of the things I do, and what’s the motivation behind them? What did I do when I was younger that turned into the habits I have now? Every time I’d meet with him for advising, we’d always have a fun conversation. We talked about the meaning of life once – which, we found out, was chocolate. Naturally!

Are there any particular experiences you had at New Paltz that stand out for you?
Being part of Jam Asia, which I joined my freshman year. It broke that bubble for me, of wanting to do things but always being too scared to try. Coming into college, I never thought I would model, or dance in front of people. I thought I was too awkward. But my friend brought me to a Jam Asia meeting and I ended up falling in love with it. On top of breaking out of my shell, I found a family here. The comfort, security, and caring environment that I found in Jam Asia really helped me to try new things.

How did your involvement with clubs and organizations enhance your New Paltz experience?
I definitely got a lot more involved in college than I did in high school. I started branching out. I was in a few Asian culture clubs at New Paltz, and I never really dug into my cultural background until I got here. Some of the clubs inspired me to join other clubs, and they all helped me grow into the leader I am now. I was part of clubs in high school, but I was way too scared to try a leadership position. Now I have confidence and communication skills. It really helped me develop as a person. Once I got my foot in the door of one leadership position, I got to know all the student leaders, because it’s a small campus. They encouraged me to try more things and take advantage of more opportunities.


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