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Faces of New Paltz

Corinne Boughton, Political Science

Past Faces of New Paltz
Alyssa Stock
Secondary Education in
Earth Science
Gary Harris

Hometown: Kingston, N.Y.
Graduation Year:
Major: Political Science
Current Position: Constituent Services Representative, 19th Congressional District (Rep. Chris Gibson), U.S. House of Representatives

Which professors at New Paltz particularly inspired or motivated you?
Dr. Daniel Lipson was the most influential professor of my college career. He is a brilliant, humble man who treats his students with the utmost dignity and respect. He inspires his students to think globally. He empowers through knowledge, making his students feel capable and confident. The amount I learned from his classes is immeasurable. My first class on campus was with him, as was my very last.

How did the political science program prepare you for your career? What are some of the skills you acquired at New Paltz that inform your work in your current position?
The political science program at New Paltz taught me the necessity of being a well-informed citizen. I was taught that being prepared means having a continuing knowledge of those in power in our country as well as circumstances abroad, and that my responsibility does not stop when the bell rings. Fortunately, these lessons have become habits. I continue to read incessantly and call attention to warranted situations. The talents of my political science professors contributed enormously to my learning experience. They shaped me into a global citizen, mindful of the state of our nation and of those abroad.

What was the most valuable lesson you learned at New Paltz outside of the classroom?
I was not your traditional student; I had a full-time career while studying at SUNY New Paltz. I was a business manager who commuted to the college for my classes. Professors sacrificed their time to meet with me if I could not attend their office hours, and the extensive class selection allowed me to accommodate my work schedule. I cannot commend New Paltz enough for ensuring I received a quality education despite my unique circumstances. As I tell everyone, having SUNY New Paltz in our local area is like having a gem in our backyard.

How did the connection between New Paltz and elected officials in the region foster your current career in politics?
I am a local, born and raised here in the Hudson Valley. My connection to this area is intimate and profound. Nearly my entire extended family remains in this area. I felt a personal responsibility to ensure that our leaders have a similar dedication to this area. When I learned of Congressman Chris Gibson’s background and that he would potentially be representing the new 19th Congressional district, I felt hopeful. He is also a local from the area, living in the same town where he grew up. Once he was elected, I knew I had to pursue a career opportunity with an official who mirrored my commitment to the district. I am very happy in my current position. I have outstanding leadership and adore my co-workers. It is extremely rewarding to be part of a team that shares my vision.

*Editor’s Note: Since the time of this interview, Corinne left Congressman Gibson’s office on amicable terms to accept a position with National Grid.


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