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Extended Learning

Letter to Parents 致家长信

Dear Parent of a High School Student,


The State University of New York (SUNY) encourages its constituent colleges to collaborate with high schools in their region through the University in the High School (UHS) program. Through this program we seek to deliver quality college courses to interested and qualified secondary (high school level) students, enhance student learning, and better prepare enrollees for the transition into their freshman year at the college of their choice.

纽约州立大学长期以来不断的鼓励其系统下的各分校,透过高中大学先修计划(UHS)与他们所在地的高中进行合作。我们希望藉由此计划,能提供高质量的大学课程给有兴趣 且符合资格的中学学生(高中水平),以提高他们的学习能力,并让他们未来在进入自己理想的大学时,对大学第一年的适应,能有更完善的准备。

The State University of New York at New Paltz has, for over twenty years, offered the UHS program to several high schools in the Hudson Valley through which select high school students earn New Paltz college credits. New Paltz, an accredited institution, is acknowledged to be one of the best public institutions of its type in the nation. Students earning college credits through the UHS program, may if accepted to New Paltz, enter the college with advanced standing. As New Paltz is part of the SUNY system, sister schools within SUNY accept these credits, including SUNY Binghamton and SUNY Stony Brook.

纽约州立大学长期以来不断的鼓励其系统下的各分校,透过高中大学先修计划(UHS)与他们所在地的高中进行合作。我们希望藉由此计划,能提供高质量的大学课程给有兴趣 且符合资格的中学学生(高中水平),以提高他们的学习能力,并让他们未来在进入自己理想的大学时,对大学第一年的适应,能有更完善的准备。

New Paltz has entered into an agreement with the International Academic Alliance (IAA) to bring this UHS program to high school students in China. Working collaboratively with IAA, New Paltz brings a unique opportunity to Chinese students wanting to prepare themselves for studying abroad in the United States.


To ensure the success of this program and its students, New Paltz and IAA have instituted clear admission guidelines. We have taken great care with program design and implementation. We have selected as instructors and mentors faculty who are qualified to teach on our campus the courses we are offering in China. And we will engage in ongoing oversight and assessment of the program to assure its quality. We invite you to learn more about the program by reading the accompanying materials.

我校已与国际学术联盟(IAA)达成协议,将提供高中大学先修计划( UHS )给中国的高中学生。我们希望经由与IAA的合作,能带给那些将来准备前来美国深造的中国学生一个独特的机会。

We look forward to teaching your son or daughter as they prepare themselves to undertake college study at New Paltz or elsewhere through the University in the High School program.

为了确保此计划及参与学生的成功,我校与IAA已 制定明确的入学准则。对大学先修计划的设计与执行,也做了完善的规划。而我們所遴选在中國任教的师资,均与美国校本部聘用的教师具同等的資歷。同时为确保本计划的品质,我们也将会持续对其进行监督和评估。若您想进一步了解有关本计划更多的讯息,我们邀请您参阅所附的相关材料。



Shala Mills, Assistant Vice President
Office of Graduate & Extended Learning
State University of New York at New Paltz
1 Hawk Drive
New Paltz, New York 12561 USA