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Extended Learning

High School Grades & Official Record 成绩 & 正式学业记录


All grades will be given at the close of the semester; any grade problems, attendance problems, etc. will be handled by the instructor, using New Paltz guidelines. A liaison employed by IAA in China and staff member at the Office of Regional Education at New Paltz will be designated to assist with these problems. Additional problems may be handled directly by New Paltz staff in collaboration with IAA.

学 生在毎个学期结束後,都会得到所修科目的成绩;若学生有成绩上或上课出席率等疑问,将由授课教师依据纽柏兹分校的相关规定处理。IAA的中国联络处和纽柏兹区域教育办公室也会指派专人协助学生解决这些问题。

To earn New Paltz college credit, students will comply with all course requirements stated in the course syllabus. Academic integrity will be strongly enforced by the instructor and New Paltz. The New Paltz academic integrity policy, available on the college’s website, will be communicated to students on all course outlines.


Official Academic Record

All credit earned through the New Paltz UHS/China program will result in an official college transcript (record). This is a permanent record of all courses, credits and final grades accumulated by the student. The grades earned will become a part of the student’s grade point average (GPA) at New Paltz.

凡经过纽柏兹分校於中国的高中大学先修计划所获得的学分,都会登录至學生的正式成绩单当中。这是一份永久纪录,內容记载包括学生修过的科目名称丶学分数及 最後成绩。每科修课的成绩都會算入学生的总平均成绩(GPA) 当中。

Acceptance to New Paltz College

Students may elect to apply to New Paltz college and will be accepted if the student meets the college’s admission requirements. Credits earned through the UHS would be accepted by New Paltz and applied to the student’s transcript of courses. Participation in the UHS program does not automatically ensure admission into the college and/or area of major concentration.