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Extended Learning

Admission 招生

Admission into the UHS program

New Paltz and International Academic Alliance (IAA) will actively review the academic record of all students who express an earnest interest in participating in this program. Students’ grade point average (GPA) should be high enough to demonstrate that they are equipped to take on this additional coursework at a college level of instruction. Successful completion of any preparatory work and pre-requisites for the particular course of interest is required.

纽柏兹( New Paltz )和国际学术联盟 ( IAA ),会对本计划有兴趣且提出申请之学生的学习成绩进行审查。申请人的平均成绩必需达到一定的水平以上,且足以证明他们有能力负担正常课业外的高校课 程。某些课程若规定有先修课程时,则必需该先修课程修毕後,方能选修此课。已同意提供本计划的高中负责人,将会依据中国高中现有课程的状况,安排增添此计划的高校课程。

High school administrators who have agreed to offer the program will organize the scheduled courses at the high school to augment the already existing Chinese high school curriculum.

Registration and College Transcripts

After payment is received, the student will be registered in the course(s) chosen and receive a New Paltz student number. Students can use that to access college information at my.newpaltz.edu on the New Paltz web page (www.newpaltz.edu). After grades have been submitted by the instructor, students can request a transcript by going to the my.newpaltz.edu site.

在学生完成缴费之後,他们即会被注册到其所选的课堂上,并收到一个New Paltz的学生号码。 学生可以使用这个学号进入我校的网页 (my.newpaltz.edu),以取得学校的有关讯息。 当课业结束且教师送交成绩之後,学生即可透过my.newpaltz.edu的网址查阅成绩。

We have found that credits earned in the UHS program with a grade of “C” or better are usually accepted by American colleges and universities. Students interested in attending a particular college or university are advised to inquire about the transferability of New Paltz credit to that particular college prior to enrolling in the UHS program.

据我们了解,只要你在本计划中所修的科目成绩达到C或C以上,此学分通常都会被美国的大学所接受。因此我们建议学生,若对某个大学特别感兴趣,在申请进入本大学先修计划之前,请先向该校谘询学分转抵的可能性 。


Students may officially withdraw from the course(s) by the specified deadline, for any reason, and will then not receive a grade.


English Language Capability

All courses will be taught in English and students will be expected to demonstrate a sound competence in oral and written English skills. For those whose skills are not commensurate with college work, special English language courses will be offered by IAA to better prepare such students.

Students will be required to take an English Language Competency exam prior to enrolling in New Paltz courses to determine their level of achievement. Students enrolled in the UHS program will continue to receive English language courses to ensure they are able to learn the coursework at the required college level.


所有学生在注册我校课程之前,都需接受英语能力测验, 以决定每个人的程度。 已注册本大学先修计划的学生也将持续接受英语课程,以确保他们有能力胜任高校水平的课业。