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ESL Academic Pathway Program

The Haggerty English Language Program (HELP) has had a Pathway option since its establishment in 1979. Hundreds of admitted SUNY New Paltz students have completed our Pathway Program and successfully gone on to earn their undergraduate degree.

"First of all, we want you to know that you are warmly welcome here and that our Pathway Program is the perfect way for you to start your academic study at SUNY New Paltz. This program is designed for students who have been admitted for academic study at the university on the condition that they satisfy our institutional English language requirement.

Our outstanding instructors are happy to help you to improve your proficiency in all skills while you simultaneously learn about and adjust to a new culture and discover the expectations of students in the American educational system before you begin full-time study.

You can start making progress toward your degree as soon as you start our Pathway Program”

Connie Perdreau, ESL Director


Here’s What You Need to Know About Our Pathway Program

Through this program, we offer the opportunity for conditionally admitted students to get a head-start on earning academic credit toward their undergraduate degree.


What is a Conditionally Admitted Student?

At SUNY New Paltz, a conditionally admitted undergraduate student is someone who meets all of our academic requirements, but needs to work on their academic English skills before beginning full-time academic study.

Conditionally admitted students may start their studies with a combination of academic coursework in addition to credit-bearing instruction in English for Academic Purposes.  


What are the Benefits of the Pathway Program?

  • A student in the program can earn up to 12 semester credits prior to starting full-time academic study at the university, saving them time and money while preparing for advanced course-work.
  • Students who finish our Pathway Program also meet the university’s foreign language requirement.
  • Students who finish our Pathway Program also complete the university’s foreign language requirement.


It’s a win-win situation for international students who want to start earning academic credit while completing the language requirement at SUNY New Paltz.     


“Students are always welcome to come by my office or e-mail me with their questions.  Helping students is a great part of my job, and I am happy to help!  In many cases, I can answer a student’s question directly.  However, if a student has a question that I cannot answer, I work closely with other advisors in International Student Programs and other departments across campus and I am happy to direct them.  We have a team of dedicated professionals that support our students.”

Jason Serrano, ESL Student Advisor


All of our experienced teachers have advanced graduate degrees in Teaching English as a Second Language and have taught in the United States and abroad. We emphasize active learning using the real English language skills that students need in the classroom and in everyday life for academic success. Our classrooms are full of individual and collaborative language learning using the latest teaching methods and state-of –the-art technology. We prepare you for the rigors of  engagement in the academic classroom in the USA.


 “AP Reading/Writing students commented that they felt strongly prepared for academic writing because they understood and practiced thesis statements and research writing with parenthetical citations.”

James Phillips, ESL Faculty


“The Pathway program prepares students for the challenges of full-time academic study in their second language.  AP classes go beyond language development to train students in critical thinking - a skill which is further developed throughout their academic studies.”

Aiko Pletch, ESL Faculty


Students are provided with many opportunities to learn about different cultures while in the HELP program.  Through the Cross-Cultural Interactions course, students can learn more about the nationalities of the other international students in their classroom as well as the American culture they are immersed in. The outstanding Conversation Partner Program has successfully paired international students and American students at the university for years, building friendships and creating lasting memories. 


“I really enjoyed the Conversation Partner Program because I was able to exchange language, culture, and also make new friends.”

Ediliana Estrella, Former American Conversation Partner


“I enjoyed the Haggerty English Language Program and especially liked the Conversation Partner Program they provide.” 

Juha Nam, Former International Conversation Partner (South Korea)

“All I have to say is that being part of SUNY New Paltz was one of the best experiences in my life.  It’s something that I’ll never forget!  The culture and everything I experienced in college was priceless and I wish that everyone, from every country could live this experience.”

Luigy Bertaglia Bortolo (Brazil)


Community Ambassador Program

In addition, the Community Ambassador Program has been an exciting new initiative that pairs interested students with local families for a welcoming experience. 



For More Information

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