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MA Plan of Study

The MA Program requires completion of 30 credits, which must be completed within seven years after entrance into the program. Students must also maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better, wtih no more than two grades below a B-. Students must also pass the English Department's comprehensive examination, usually in the last semester of study.

Curriculum Requirements (30 credits)

  • At least one course in Shakespeare (ENG505 or ENG574).
  • At least two other course from the periods before 1800, for which a second Shakespeare course may be counted.
  • Three courses from the periods after 1800.
  • One course in literary criticism and theory (ENG550, ENG555, or ENG585).
  • Three elective courses.
  • Students may transfer up to six credits from another graduate program with the approval of the graduate chair.

A copy of a completed MA Plan of Study must be submitted to the Graduate College in the semester before graduation; please fill this out and submit it to the Grad Chair after you have registered for your final semester of courses.