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Division of Engineering Programs

Senior Design EXPO

Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 Engineering Design EXPO:

First Place: Fluid-Current Demonstration
Noah Bauer, Sean Cerven, Matthew Gottstine, Steven Sullivan

Second Place: Automated Keg Sanitizing Machine
Yorman Escobar, Bradley Evans, Brendan McGaley, Scott Grable

Third Place: Pedaling Fatigue Testing of Racing Bicycle Frames
Nigel Caprotti, William Hluchan, Ryan O’Connell, Adeleke Ojudun

Click here to read more about the EXPO on May 3, 2019 or view a gallery of photos from the event.

About the EXPO: 

The undergraduate design experience within the Division of Engineering Programs is integrated within all four years of the undergraduate curriculum. Students participate in basic design exercises during the freshmen and sophomore 'pre-engineering' courses. This experience is later reinforced by design exercises, which are a component of many core courses and all advanced elective courses, and culminates in a final Senior Design Project. The Engineering EXPO takes place each spring semester. A Project Review occurs each December.

Thank you to our 2019 EXPO Sponsors:




Support for the EXPO made possible by the SUNY New Paltz Foundation, Inc.

For more information about sponsorships, please contact Rebecca LaVallee at lavaller@newpaltz.edu or 845-257-3784.

Spring 2018 Senior Design EXPO Winners:

1st Place - James Cox, Nathan James, Stephen Laguerra, Christopher Vu - Biometric Pill Dispenser
"Intentional and unintentional drug misuse is an issue affecting people around the world. The Biometric Pill Dispenser directly addresses this problem by providing a simple and reliable means for administering medication (in pill form)."

2nd Place - Paul Christian, Vaughan Clewis, James Coen, Joseph Palombo - Automatic Whiteboard Eraser
"The goal of this project is to create a portable and accessible autonomous whiteboard erasing robot. The original inspiration for the project was as an aide to our visually-impaired project advisor, Prof. Kevin Shanley, but there is a potentially large demand for a robot of this type due to the widespread use of whiteboards in schools and businesses."

3rd Place - Justin Buyes, Garrett Noach, Rushi Patel, Scott To - Assistive Cutting for Investment Casting
"In the investment casting industry, parts are cut from a metal runner (often referred to as trees) system after being cast. This operation is performed using a variety of industrial cutting wheels."

Click here to view a gallery of images from the May 4, 2018 EXPO. 

Senior Design EXPO Program - 5/4/18