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Admission Requirements for the MST Program are as follows: 

  1. Hold a bachelor's degree in one of the following liberal arts or sciences from an accredited college: Art History, Black Studies, Biology, English, French, Geography, Geology, History, Mathematics, Political Science, and Spanish. Go to this link to find out what constitutes a major or area of concentration: Acceptable Majors

  2. Have earned an appropriate undergraduate GPA.

  3. Have prior course work in history, foreign language, mathematics, English and science and hold an academic major or its equivalent in one of these areas.

    NOTE: Non-liberal arts majors must complete the course credit equivalent of a major in one of the above areas. Credit requirements for majors should be consistent with the current college catalog. Matriculation status will be deferred until completion. In some instances, students who attend full time (12-15 credits) may have to take courses to satisfy academic deficiencies and core requirements during the same semester. Every effort should be made to satisfy deficiency prerequisites first. Check the undergraduate catalog for currently acceptable "majors" and their credit hour requirements.

  4. Completion of the equivalent of six college credits in a foreign language. (Courses in conversational "language", French, Spanish, etc., or sign language I & II satisfy this requirement);

  5. Completion of six college credits in mathematics at the level of college algebra or higher;

  6. Earn satisfactory scores on the Miller Analogy Test (minimum score 45 in the percentile of the major) or Graduate Record Exam general test (minimum 500 average);
    • For information regarding the MAT or GRE exams, contact the Office of Graduate Admission Advising at (845) 257-3285

  7. Provide three letters of professional recommendation on letterhead;

    Letters must: - Be dated and current (within a year of the date of application); - Address the applicant's suitability for graduate work in elementary education in such areas as academic ability, professional, commitment, ability to work with children and with others; - Be written by individuals who have a professional relationship with the applicant. Someone who has direct knowledge of the applicant's academic abilities (i.e. a professor or work supervisor) should write at least two of the letters.