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Early Childhood & Childhood Education

MS Curriculum Requirements > Reading


Reading Concentration (N-6, Pre K-6)

Coordinator: Dr. Rose Rudnitski
OMB 101 E
(845) 257-2816 

Reading Advisor: Dr. Peter Edwards
OMB 223

This program will lead to a Master of Science in Education degree and permanent certification in Elementary N-6 or Pre-K-6. This concentration will not lead to K-12 reading certification; it is designed for those students who wish to enroll for more reading courses than other programs would provide. All courses and the program must have the approval of the Reading Advisor. It is possible to extend the N-6 and Pre-K-6 reading concentration to the K-12 reading certification; for this, students should consult with the Reading Advisor. 

Elementary Education (12) 

35523 Reading in the Primary Grades 
35524 Reading in the Middle School 
35512 Children's Literature 
35745 Workshop in Diagnosis of Reading Difficulties
35746 Workshop in Remediation of Reading Difficulties 

Foundations of Education (6) 

39565 Teaching in Inclusive Classrooms
38581 Racism and Sexism in Education

and one of the following: 

38503 Psychology of Personality 
38538 Psychological Foundations
38539 Social Foundations
38580 Current Issues in Education 
38701 Sociological and Anthropological Perspectives 
38751 Comparative Education
38752 Philosophy of Education 

Electives with advisement (6 credits must be in reading) (12)

35516 Teaching Reading/Language Arts in Elementary School 
35707 Workshop in the Teaching of Science in Elementary School 
35709 Workshop in the Teaching of Mathematics in Elementary School 
35519 Teaching Social Studies in Elementary School 
35523 Reading in the Primary Grades 
35524 Reading in the Middle School
35793 Models of Teaching

Evaluation or Research (3)

35795 Independent Study in Elementary Education* 
36703 Evaluation in Education 

* To be approved by advisor. (See requirements in catalog listed under Graduate Policies and Procedures - Independent Study.) 

35710 Seminar in Elementary Education (3)

Total Credits (36 Credits)